Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Welcome 2016!

Happy New Year!!! Hard to believe it's 2016 and that we are already well into the new year! I'm back after a rather lengthy break from the blog world. There is so much going on right now that it's hard to get back into posting, but I have missed it! While searching through my post drafts I discovered I never published a post I wrote around November of last year! It was a little update post that you can read, here. There are so many things I want to write about and share. I'm having a hard time deciding what to post! Perhaps I should start by finishing my Across the USA series! For now I'm going to share some photos I took as part of a seven day nature photo challenge I did on Facebook.
Day 1: We had a light snowfall one morning, which made for a lovely backdrop for this pretty red cardinal and his mate.
Day 2: At first I thought these pine cones were birds!
Day 3: Spotted this pretty birdie on an unusually warm February day.
Day 4: Buds on the dogwood tree in my backyard.
Day 5: Snapped a pic of this eerie crow on my way to work.
Day 6: Such a pretty blue sky.
Day 7: Took a picture of these deer out at my workplace, which is located on a beautiful college campus.
Nature is one of my favorite things to take pictures of so when a friend tagged me in this challenge I was thrilled. It was a great motivator for me to pick up my camera after quite a long period of not using it. Hope you enjoyed this little photo challenge. I would love to do more photo challenge in the future!

Have you ever done a photo challenge?
What's your favorite thing to photograph?
Which photo is your favorite and why?
Love in Christ,


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