Sunday, November 1, 2015

Lately {#4}

Lately I've been...

Working a new job at a beautiful place called WinShape Retreat.
Reading Anne of Green Gables novels.
Wearing a lot of navy blue.
Waiting to go on a hike with my cousin, but it seems to rain every day now! ;)
Enjoying sunsets{like the one above}as I walk into work.
Remembering moments with my sweet aunt.
Watching the new Disney Cinderella with my mom and sister.
Buying bunches of books.
Needing a bookshelf for all those books. 
Finding the perfect fall skirt at Goodwill.
Praying for direction.
Eating lots of ice cream with crushed Oreo's in it.
Hoping to get back on track with my blog...was I ever on track to begin with?!
Meeting tons of new people at work.
Shooting a gun for the first time!
Drinking more coffee then tea.
Building fairy homes with my niece.
Enjoying cooler weather.
Trying to exercise more...because of all that ice cream! ;)
Listening to the Boyer Sister's CD.
Looking forward to wearing my leather boots I bought during the summer.
Driving... FINALLY got my license!
Hoping, once again, you enjoyed this post!

What have you been up to lately?

Love in Christ,

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