Saturday, August 8, 2015

Across the USA {Utah}

Hello there! Here I am for another, "Across the USA" post! In my last post the Mutanas and I were driving through Idaho and making our way to Utah. We stayed with a lovely family of seven{with one on the way} in Clearfield, Utah. This was the first  family that hosted us through A Candle in the Window. It's an incredible online network of Christians who open their homes to show hospitality through a meal and/or lodging. Be sure to check out the link if you or your family travel a lot through the US. It's a great way to meet fellow Christians!
Now that is a serious Jurassic Park fan!
So it seems like I have some dinosaur theme going on here! ;)
The day after we arrived we went to Hill Aerospace Museum, a fascinating museum filled with vintage military planes and is located on Hill Air Force Base. Of course I had a blast looking at all the old planes, helicopters, and other Air Force related items!
Thought zippers on a plane was pretty funny to see! Those are the guns sticking out of the front of the plane.
I hope this isn't the closet I get to England! ;)
I didn't get a good picture of the inside of the phone booth, but it had various war-themed posters in it.
An MK 7 Atomic Bomb. 
We also had a great time with our host family! We enjoyed delicious meals; I tried German pancakes with powder sugar and lemon for the first time! The children{and I} had a fun time playing with each other. They had a giant doll house which I played with..ahem... I mean helped the children set up! ;) The Mutana children and I also tried out Wiggle Cars; that was a ton of fun even if I was a bit big for it!
While driving through Utah I was amazed to see how much the mountains changed! The mountains in northern Utah were very much like the mountains in eastern Washington and Idaho. Then as we traveled closer to Salt Lake City they were capped with snow. As we neared Arizona they turned bright red or were layered with different colors of various stone. It reminded me of the pictures I've seen of the Grand Canyon.
The seagull is Utah's state bird.
A Mormon tabernacle, one of many I saw surrounding Salt Lake City.
Yes, that is a camel! While driving out in the middle of nowhere, we had to pull over at a gas station to fuel up. What an interesting and unusual site met us has we drove up to the gas station. Right next to it was a petting zoo filled with exotic animals! Other than the animals it was deserted. I felt so bad for the animals out in the cold especially when hail began to fall down.
See the gorgeous tall feathers of that peacock behind the sheep?! It must have been shy because it would not show it's whole body! ;)
I couldn't believe just how red these mountains were in southern Utah!
There was a town we drove through right before entering Arizona which had huge homes, like this one, built right on the edge of the cliff!
Once again another Mormon tabernacle. Also note the large D on the cliff. I noticed several white letters on cliffs while driving through the western states. Each letter was the first letter of the town/city name. Hope you enjoyed this post about my time in Utah. Stay tuned for the trip through Arizona on our way to Nevada!

Have you been to Utah?
Ever been to a plane museum?
Did you play with dollhouses when you were little?
Have you seen red mountains?
Have you seen an unusual sight like the exotic petting zoo?
Please leave your comments below!
Love in Christ,


  1. Beautiful photos! I've never been to Utah, but it looks like it has a lot of cool geographical features. I have been to the Grand Canyon and seen the pretty colors there. How fun for you all to see the different sights, and also to meet a new Christian family!

    1. Thank you, Piage! Utah was such a neat state to see! Would love to go to the Grand Canyon someday!

  2. Oh my gosh, Utah is just so gorgeous, isnt it? I'm always stunned by the landscape when I drive through, and the variation from North to South is so interesting. Not to mention the history and culture, I liked to research the history of every western town I drive through -- and I didn't even realize how much of Utah was settled and establushed by Mormon pioneer parties, it's very interesting.

    1. Yes, Utah is such a pretty state! That's such a neat idea, to study the different towns you visit!


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