Thursday, July 9, 2015

Vintage Finds~ Glass Collection

Hello there dearies! Thought you might be missing a post about some vintage finds of mine. If you aren't then just read this anyway! ;) Today I'm sharing various glass items which I have picked up from yard sales or thrift shops throughout the years. First off I have these two little jars from Avon, not sure what they once held. I love the pretty details on the lids and the neat shape of the glass. I believe I got these for a dollar each.
Here is a neat little aspirin bottle! It's a bit dirty{yes I have tried to clean it!} but it was free! Got it in a box of junk! ;)
Next I have more Avon jars! I simply love the tiffany-blue painted glass. I would have bought these moisture creams just for the pretty jars! ;) This were also a dollar each.
Next up are some glass inkwells. The one on the right was made in France! Don't remember how much these were, I think less then a dollar. These make wonderful vases for little bunches of wild flowers!
Here is, yet again, another Avon jar! Even though the lid is rusty this jar has so much charm with it's pretty rose shape. Of course I love the pink paint on the jar. I'm amazed it has stayed on so long! This one was also a dollar.
Okay so I'm realizing I must have a thing for vintage Avon! The perfume bottle in the front{left picture} is also an Avon product. The bottle in the front{right picture} has a label saying it's Demi-Jour by Houbigant and made in France. These were both purchased with a box filled with silver items at a yard sale. I think the box of silver stuff was $5.
This last one is my favorite one of all! This cute little jar once held honey from the "Sunshine state". It was also a dollar but I think it was worth it for it's adorable label and drawings. This little piece just screams, "Hey! I'm vintage!" ;) I hope you enjoyed looking at these cute, little, and fragile treasures!
Which bottle/jar is your favorite?
What kind of collections do you have?
Do you collect vintage glass?
Please leave your comments below!
Love in Christ,


  1. Glass jars are so fun! Love the pink one :D

    1. Aren't they great?! Yes the pink is lovely! ;)

  2. I love vintage jars and glass bottles, too. Especially from cosmetics, like cold cream or powder. I often pick up Richard Hudnut pieces, because they have great artwork and are very elegant and feminine.


    1. That's so neat, Ivy! I recently posted another find in which I feature a box that is from the Richard Hudnut Salon! Here is the link, if you would like to check it out:
      I would love to see your pieces!

  3. These are so cool! I love that Orange Blossom Honey jar, I wish they still made glass designs like that. I don't collect vintage glass, but I have been trying to collect vintage postcards.

    1. So do I, Rachel! The thing I love about vintage pieces is the detail and design that was put into them! Even something simple, like a honey jar, was turned into a little work of art! Ooo, I love vintage postcards! I recently bought three at a flea market, might be starting another collection! ;)


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