Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My Time Home- April, May, and June

Hello dearies! If any of you read, this post, you know that I flew home for vacation. I flew from Ottawa, Ontario to Newark, NJ then onto Atlanta, Ga! I was home from mid April to almost the end of June. I had a wonderful time home seeing family and friends. Since I love lists{and I want to update all of you quickly} ;) I'm going to write a list of highlights, plus some photos, from my time home. So here we go!
Went to a Renaissance festival with my cousin and her family.{Hence, photo of me eating a giant turkey leg!}
Had a "welcome home" party hosted by my mom's family complete with BBQ and an ice cram bar.
Found a ring that I lost while in Canada. Will have to share that story sometime soon!
Had a wonderful visit with a church friend
Attended my niece's Kindergarten graduation.
Helped haul tree branches away for three days after trees were cut down.{It wasn't all play while home} ;)
Rode up in the cherry-picker which was used in cutting the trees.
Won two giveaways. {Organic skin care products through Bramblewood Fashion and The Boyer Sister's new CD!}
Cleaned out my closet of clothes I no longer wear.
Slept in{such a highlight for me!} ;)
Went through and organized all my "stuff" in my room.
Saw one of my cousin's{after two years}who is in the Air Force{stationed in Idaho} and met his fiance.
Ate yummy foods fixed by my Mom.{spaghetti, cornbread, biscuits with gravy...my favorites!}
Crafted a lot. {Made cards, a bookmark for a friend, and did some drawing}
Read ten books, three of which were over 600 pages!
Celebrated Mother's Day with a special breakfast for my mom and a visit with my grandmother.
Went to a "bon voyage" party for one of my little cousins and her mom. They are moving to Oregon. {My family had a total of three big parties while I was home!}
Took lots of pictures of the lovely flowers, insects and birds.

Played UNO with my grandparents and mom.
Celebrated my sister's 27th birthday!{Complete with meatloaf, mashed potatoes, peas, homemade yeast rolls, and peach cobbler...is your mouth watering?} ;)
Watched the Lego Movie{for the first time} and thought of my brother{in Washington} the whole time!
House/pet sat for my aunt and uncle for a week.
Got my hair cut...it's super short...to my chin! It feels so good though, to get all those split ends cut off!
Had lots of time with my nephews, they are growing so fast!
Went thrift shopping and bought some new skirts and a pair of leather boots.
Started the "Across the USA" series.
Went to the library...so missed the library while traveling!
Cleaned some cobwebs off a little bird that was learning how to fly.
Wrote letters to friends.
Had a Father's Day fish fry for my step-dad and grandpas.
Wore a scarf necklace I created from an idea found in a super neat "how to tie a scarf" book.
Was blessed with an absolutely wonderful time with my dad, sister, her husband, nephews{their boys}, brother, and niece{his little girl} on Father's Day. We were just missing my other brother. :(
Left to right: Me{with my new haircut}, my dad, sister, and one of my brothers.

What's the longest time you've been away from home?
Have you ever been to a Renaissance festival?
Did you read lots of books these past few months? 
Attend any big family gatherings? See any relatives you hadn't seen in awhile?
Get a haircut? Win any giveaways?
Is there anything from this list that you would like me to write a post about?
Please let me know and leave your comments below!
Love in Christ,


  1. Oh good, you showed your new haircut! It looks good on you. :)
    Hurray for fun times at home! It's good that you got to spend such enjoyable times with your family. The photo you took of the dragonfly is amazing! The little bird is so cute. If I was traveling, I would miss the library too!
    How was the Renaissance Faire? We have two medieval festivals in our area. I have dressed up and gone to several of them. One of them has had good jousts and the horses are always great, but the entertainers and some of the performing "knights" can have....unsavory...senses of humor. :P

    1. Thank you, Paige, for both compliments on my photo and hair! Yes I really enjoyed the Renaissance festival and would love to go back! I would really like to go back in costume. But yes I will agree, some of the performers had a distasteful sense of humor. :/

  2. There are so many great photos in this post!! It looks like you had a wonderful vacation! Your haircut is beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much, Jill! I did have a wonderful time home!


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