Saturday, July 25, 2015

Christmas in July?!

Hello again! No, your eyes are not deceiving you that is a Christmas tree! I know this is an unusual post but I wanted to share about my time home last year and specifically Christmas. I realize I'm a little late! ;) After the road trip in November/December of 2014, which I'm currently writing about, I spent about three weeks home. I spent lots of time with my family and of course celebrated Christmas with them! Here are a few photos of the fun things I did!
I had fun with my brother and niece at the park. 
Baked dinosaur shaped cookies with my oldest nephew. It was so much fun making these with him!
Now these would be great to eat while watching the new Jurassic World! ;)
"I have a big head and little arms!" Know what movie that's from?
Meet Miss Tri-sarah-tops and Mrs. Terri-dactyl. By the way my name is Sarah{as if you didn't know that!}and my mom's name is Terri!
Got these at a thrift store for less than two dollars!
This was an accidental shot!
One my favorite things to do is decorate the Christmas tree with my mom. We listen to classic Christmas songs. Every time "Rockin Around the Christmas Tree" comes on, we stop what we're doing and dance...around the tree! ;)
This is me at two, I think.
One of my favorite ornaments.
Our tree isn't some show room tree, it's made up of ornaments crafted at school by my siblings and I. Ornaments gifted to us from friends and family, some are vintage and belonged to my great grandmother, others are new and from places like Wal-Mart. Some ornaments even came in Happy Meals we got as children from McDonald's. However they came to my family, they each hold a special memory, a story, a frozen moment in time that's long gone. Our tree may not be the most trendy or stylish themed tree there is but I wouldn't want to change it at all! 
I celebrated with my mom's side of the family for our annual Christmas Eve party. We've been having these parties for as long as I can remember!
My delicious Christmas morning breakfast!
One of my gifts to my mom was a scarf from Canada. She collects scarfs!
On Christmas Day my siblings and their families came over. We had such a good time exchanging gifts!
         And I wrapped up my time home by celebrating the new year{2015} with my littlest nephew! Hope you enjoyed another little glimpse into my life and family. 

What does your family do for Christmas?
Do you have a particular theme for your tree or is it like ours?
Please leave your comments below!

Love in Christ,

PS: I don't do the whole Christmas in July thing, shopping sales/parties, but it just happened to fit! I don't even sing or listen to Christmas music til after Thanksgiving! ;)


  1. I really enjoyed re-living all of these memories from Christmas! Loved all the photos, too!


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