Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Across the USA {Oregon & Idaho}

Hello there! Hope all is well with you, dear reader! I'm back again with the next post of the "Across the USA" series. Be sure to check out my first post, here, if you haven't already! After leaving the lovely family in Graham, WA we headed to a city near Boise, Idaho. We stayed for a few days with a family of twelve. The Mutanas met them while working and ministering in a church the family belongs to. We left Graham early in the morning around 5am, drove through a bit of Oregon and arrived late at night in Idaho. It was the longest drive we did throughout the whole road trip. The blessing that came with the long trip was getting to see a cloudy and lovely sunset! The first of many I saw on the road! 
The north-eastern part of Oregon looked very much like the eastern side of Washington. Plenty of mountains covered in brown grass and dead bushes. Some mountains did have a few tress on them. One city we drove through in Oregon was Pendleton. It had all kinds of neat statues of cows, stage coaches, and cowboys. I believe it is one of the cities the Oregon Trail runs through.
Yes I know this photo is blurry, but it's the only picture I got of the Idaho sign. I still like it! ;)
While in Idaho we enjoyed lots of fellowship with the family. The children would all get together and play with bicycles, roller skates, and scooters. I bounced for the first time on a pogo-stick! I think I jumped three times before falling off! ;) However it wasn't all play; I still helped the children with their school work. Ah, the blessings of homeschooling, it could go wherever we went! We had a wonderful prayer meeting with members of their church. We also went to the church service there on Sunday. It was a family integrated church, which was very interesting to me. There aren't to many where I live and the only other time I had been to one was while in British Columbia. After a great message about the basics of Christianity, we had a big meal and fellowship with the other families. One evening while the sun was setting I got to take a stroll around the family property. It was so much fun taking photos of the beautiful fall scenery. One of my favorite things to photograph is God's beautiful creation! I also was able to capture another beautiful sunset!
After several days of fun fellowship it was time for us to head on. Our next destination was to Utah. While on on our way I saw wind turbines for the first time! I should say, giant wind turbines for the first time as I did see some shorter ones in Oregon. ;) Another first was seeing a Mormon temple. I knew then we were definitely getting close to Utah. Stay tuned for the next post about my time in Utah!

Have you ever been to Oregon or Idaho?
Have you been to or are part of a family integrated church?
Jumped on a pogo-stick?
Have you seen wind turbines?
What's the longest time you've traveled in a car in one day? 
Please leave your comments below!
Love in Christ,


  1. Hi Sarah! It looks like you had quite the adventure! I've never been to Oregon or Idaho (though I might have driven through Idaho at one point?) but I have seen a lot of wind turbines here in the Midwest as well as Mormon temples (haha). I'm not sure if I've ever worshipped in a family integrated church. What exactly does that mean? Is that like a house church? I'm originally a member of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America which is a reformed Christian denomination with a Presbyterian model of government.Looking forward to reading about the rest of your trip!

    Dani from A Vapor in the Wind

    1. Yes, Jill, it was an adventure! A family integrated church is basically a church where the family(parents and children) worship together. There aren't any age segregated Sunday school classes, children's church, etc. I think a lot of home churches have the same concept as a family integrated church. So glad your enjoying these posts!

  2. Traveling in a car...prb a week. :)

    1. Did you enjoy it, Keturah! I absolutely love road trips but after a month on the road I was glad to be home! ;)


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