Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Timline

Hello there dearies! I've been thinking that my blog posts might have you, my lovely readers, a bit confused. With all the travel updates and writing about things way after they happen{eg; my Adventure in Tennessee posts and the Across the USA series} I decided to write a little timeline from 2012 to now. Why from 2012? That's because I started volunteering for Above Rubies in 2012! {Wow! That is crazy to think about!} Since then I've been a bit off track with keeping up to date with my posts. So hear we go, a timeline of the events that have taken place the past few years til now, July 2015, with the corresponding post links.

January- Above Rubies
August-Above Rubies
October- Left Above Rubies//Home in Georgia
November-Home in GA
December-Home in GA
January-Home in GA
March-Home in GA
April-Home in GA
August- Left Washington//Nanny in British Columbia, Canada
September-Nanny in BC, Canada
October-Nanny in BC, Canada
December-Road trip across USA//Home in GA{for 3 weeks}
January-Home in GA{continuation of 3 week stay}//Road trip to Ontario, Canada
March-In Ontario, Canada
April-In Ontario, Canada//Home in GA{on vacation}
May-Home in GA{on vacation}
June-Home In GA{still on vacation}//Meet Mutanas in Tennessee// Road Trip to BC, Canada
July-Road Trip to BC, Canada

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