Monday, June 8, 2015

Vintage Finds~ Beauty Kit Case

Hello there lovely readers! I have been enjoying my long visit at home hence my absence from here. But I'm back and have a fun find and a bit of beauty history to share with you! Well actually it's another gift, like my mystery box. This beautiful box below was a surprise birthday gift from my dad! "What exactly is it?"; you might ask. Well the title can give you a little hint. It's a box from around the 1940's that once contained all the cosmetics a lady would need for their beauty regime. From cleansing creams to lotions, mascara to lip rouge this box was a women's complete kit for beautiful skin and a beautiful face! 
This case was part of the Du Barry Success Course; a correspondence course which came from the Richard Hudnut Success School started around the 1930's. Originally the Success School was for debutants to help them prepare for their "coming out" event. The mothers were so thrilled with the success of their daughter's make overs that they too wanted to have a similar course. The Success Course was a mixture of diet, exercise plans, deportment, fashion tips and make-up classes. 

This particular case would have held Du Barry cosmetics, a line created by Richard Hudnut who worked for his father, a pharmacist, in the late 1800's. Mr. Hudnut started creating perfumes around the 1880's and eventually expanded into other cosmetics; skin creams, face powders, soaps, etc. The Du Barry line was named after a perfume created in the early 1900's. It wasn't until the late 1920's that this line became Richard Hudnut's premier cosmetics line in the U.S. 

Before I discovered the history of this box I fell in love with it. It's in such great condition and I can't believe how well the beautiful painted flowers have been preserved. I love the dovetail joints on the corners of the box too. There was just so much craftsmanship put into this beautiful wooden box. Although it's hard to tell in the photos the box slants down like a vintage lap desk. I originally thought that's what it was, a lap desk, until reading the logo, Richard Hudnut Salon-New York. I know use this box to store all my notebooks and stationary. I hope you enjoyed this little history lesson and another one of my favorite vintage items! Be sure to check out the links in the post for more information and neat photos and vintage advertisements!
Have you heard of Richard Hudton or his salon?
Heard of Du Barry cosmetics or this beauty course?
Would you like to have something similar today, a modern fitness/beauty kit?
What is your favorite part of this pretty box?
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