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Adventures in Tennessee~The Journey Ends{Part 12}

Hello there lovely readers! Well here it is{FINALLY}, the last post of my "Adventures in Tennessee" series! It's hard to believe that I'm writing the last post to this very lengthy series! ;) The few weeks I had during October were a lovely time of making two new friends,  relaxing on the lawn, and cooler weather. It was also a sad time for me because I would soon be leaving. That's right after almost a year with the Campbell's I was going back home. All of the Campbell family became like my own. The office work became natural to me; a huge difference from when I first arrived! I really enjoyed it and was blessed to see how Above Rubies impacted so many families across the globe! 
Left to right: Mariah, Mrs. Campbell, Jamie, Nadia Mutana, and me.

It was during the month of October that I met the Mutana family, the missionary family I am a nanny to. They are friends of Mr. and Mrs. Campbell so on a cross-country road trip they stopped by for several days to visit. I had a great time playing with the children, especially playing soccer with the boys. Mariah, Jamie, Victoria, and I had wonderful times of prayer with the Mutanas in the evenings. We were also blessed with hearing Pitana and Nadia share their testimonies of salvation, how they met, and their call to ministry.

                                                                                                     The Mutanas sharing their testimonies.

As I mentioned in the last Adventure in TN post, Jamie{Arkansas}and Mariah both came to help in the office. A week before I left we were joined by Victoria. Jamie is so sweet!She had a willing and joyful spirit in the office and with house work. In fact the very day she arrived, the usual cleaning day, she jumped right in to help! Victoria is an outgoing and fun-loving Southerner from Louisiana. Needless to say we got along right away! ;) Almost that whole last week I was there, Victoria and I would sit on the Campbell's big field and enjoy the cool temperature. Victoria brought her guitar along and would play beautiful, soothing tunes on it.
The Campbell's big field where Victoria and I would sit when finished with office work.

There were some fun parties in my remaining weeks too! One was a party for three of the Allison girl's birthdays. They invited all their girl cousins and the Ruby Girls over for a sleepover. Their brothers all left to spend the night at Mr. and Mrs. Campbell's home, because this was an all girl's party! We had lots of yummy and healthy food, mostly THM. We played Amish Manners, the Chocolate Game{mentioned it here}, we danced, and watched a bit of the Fellowship of the Rings. We were going to watch the whole trilogy, but didn't get started till around 12am! Needless to say we all fell asleep before the first half of the Fellowship of the Rings was finished! ;) It was a lot of fun and there was so much laughter. One incident I have to mention, is when we, Ruby Girls, first arrived to the party. As we were walking up to the Allison's house what should we see...a snake! It was stretched out across the yard blocking our way into the house! We screamed, which got the attention of the Allison boys who hadn't yet left. Cedar Allison quickly came out, grabbed a cinder-block, and threw it on the snake. At first he missed but the second time he got it! Will never forget that frightening experience!{PS: I don't like snakes outside of cages!}
The Allison family. The party was for Cherish, Chalice, and Engedi{the three girls standing in the middle.}

One fun occasion was when Pearl and Serene had a skit filmed for Trim Healthy Momma. Several of the family and Ruby Girls were in it. I got to have one hilarious scene where I indulged in eating a pie. But I didn't eat it the normal way with a fork. Nope, for that scene I had to stick my hands in the pie and just eat it! It was so funny doing that! They since decided not to use that skit but it was a lot fun to be a part of! Another fun, but bitter sweet gathering was my farewell dinner. Rashida and Meadow came over for my last dinner in the Campbell home. I had been part of many farewell meals to Ruby Girls but now it was my turn. Mr. and Mrs. Campbell have a tradition that everyone around the table shares a memory, gives a blessing, or says something they admired about the Ruby Girl. That night many happy tears filled my eyes has those gathered around the table spoke about me. The Campbell's mentioned how I was like family to them now. Mr. Campbell told me how when I first came I was so nervous and he wasn't sure how long I would last in the office! That same evening  the girls and I went to the Johnson's house to visit. We stayed late into the night talking and saying goodbyes.
           Back row L to R: Rashida, Meadow, and Jamie. Front row L to R: Victoria, Me, and Joy{family friend}

Well that concludes my last post about all my "Adventures in Tennesee"! I just want to say a big, "Thank You!" to all of you, my dear readers, for coming along with me as I walked down memory lane! It was quite a surprise to see that not only were y'all reading these posts but enjoying them as well. I'm so glad the many pictures and stories from an incredible year of my life entertained you! ;)

Have you ever played Amish Manners?
Watched all the LOTR trilogy at one time?
Eaten a pie with your hands?
Had people give "speeches" to/about you?
Come across a snake?
Which month was your favorite to read about?
Please leave your comments below!
Love in Christ,

Photo credits: Meadow, Mutana family, and Ashley.


  1. I loved my farewell dinner. It was so special :)

    1. I think it's so sweet that the Campbells do that for each Ruby Girl!


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