Monday, June 15, 2015

Across the USA {BC, Canada & Washington}

Hello there! So here I am, yet again, starting a new series; now that my "Adventure in Tennessee" posts are
finished! Hurrah, that big task is accomplished! ;)  I've decided to write a few posts about the wonderful experience I had of taking a road trip across the US with the Mutana family. So let's begin; we left BC, Canada on the 1st of November{2014}. Read about my time in BC, here. It was a such a pretty morning, the blueberry bushes, which abounded in that area, were changing color. As we got closer to the US border the air became very dense with fog!

Our first destination after crossing over the border was Mount Vernon, WA. The same day we arrived the Mutanas led a worship night with many of the friends they made while doing missions there. Read about my time with them at the end of their two year mission in Mount Vernon, here. The event was held in an old granary. There was a tearoom inside filled with all kinds of vintage goodies. Of course I had to get some pictures! ;) It was an incredible evening of praising God and sharing testimonies. It was also a lovely time of getting together with friends and saying goodbye to them. Sad to say, we only stayed one night in Mount Vernon. We were making our way down south before any bad winter weather hit. But I'm thankful I was able to see{again} some of the friends I made while there! I have to mention,  the dear friends that hosted us for the night were incredible! It was like staying in a five star hotel. There were plush towels, bathroom essentials, and delicious meals wanting for us upon our arrival/stay. Thanks for your kind and thoughtful hospitality! You know who you are! =D
The next stop along our trip was in Graham, WA, very near Mount Rainier! We stayed with a wonderful family of ten for several days. This is the same family I mentioned in this post here. We enjoyed playing in their creek, singing at a local nursing home, playing carpet ball{one very fun game!}, attending their church's Bible study, and great fellowship with the family! I'm so thankfully for this incredible family and the kind way they opened up their home to us. They truly showed Christ's love to us through their hospitality! I am now very good friends with their amazingly, talented daughter! You also know who you are! ;) 

While traveling it was wonderful to see all the trees changing to their Autumn colors. Once, while driving we passed a pumpkin patch! Traveling during the fall might just be the best time to travel! :)  Also, a very interesting site was to see how drastically the landscape of Washington changed. The west side of the state is filled with mountains covered in green pines. There are many small lakes and streams. As we headed south east the tall mountains started to seem shorter. I believe it was because there were no tall pines covering them, just brown grass. Well, that concludes the first part of this series. Hope you enjoyed it! Stay tuned for the next post about our drive through Oregon on our way to Idaho!

Have you  taken a road trip across the US?
Been to Washington?
Played carpet ball?
Gone singing at a nursing home?
Played in a creek?
Please leave your comments below!

Love in Christ,


  1. I'm glad you've started another series! I have been to Washington and it's so beautiful out there!! One Christmas time I went caroling at a nursing home with my church! I love th pictures in this post! The pumpkin patch looks so cool! I thought they were oranges at first!

    1. Thank you so much, Jill! Washington is such a pretty state! Christmas caroling at a nursing home sounds like fun! I'm sure the people there were blessed by it! Haha, now that would be funny to see... a field of oranges! ;)

  2. I nominated you for the Liebster blog award :)

    Sang in a nursing home just recently :).


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