Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Crafting~ Card Making

Hello there, dearies! If you haven't figured out yet, from my posts, I love vintage things as well as traveling. One thing that doesn't get to much notice on my blog is my love for crafting! Especially my love of making cards. Now it's not like I've ever been some serious card maker, making lots of creative cards all the time. However I do enjoy making cards for the special people in my family and their special days; eg. birthdays, anniversary, etc. Since I've been traveling a lot lately I haven't been able to enjoy my love for handmade cards. Crafting supplies are not the easiest things to be toting around in one's suitcase! ;) Although a few days ago the Mutana children and I spent some time making cards. It was part of their school work...art class! =D It was so much fun to see them take the instructions I gave them,  to draw a colorful flower, and see how they each added their own touch to it. I enjoyed helping them choose various papers to use, cut, use punches, and design their cards. I'm hoping to spend one of my days off making some cards. If I do, will be sure to share the pics!
All that being said, just thought I would share a few of the cards I've made throughout the years. I like to take pictures of the cards to reference for ideas on my new cards. And it's fun to see how my card making abilities have changed throughout the years! :) Here are some of the first cards I made; I think I was about 13 or 14. It's seems I was into making fashion/beauty themed cards! I still love the one with the glittery hairspray! Might just use that idea again! ;) Sorry for the blurry pics; they were taken with my very first digital camera. 
Usually I have an idea about how I want the card to look. I base it off the occasion(birthday, anniversary, bon voyage, etc.) or the person I'm giving it to(favorite color, hobbies they enjoy, style they like, etc). Sometimes if I'm having a creative "block", I flip through old card/scrapbook magazines. Recently, I have found so much inspiration from Pinterest! I'm amazed at the lovely ideas I find! =D
A lot of times my cards will have an old, slightly worn or vintage "feel" to them. Other times they will be fun and colorful! It all depends on the person I'm giving it to. Thankfully most in my family love vintage things too, so I get to "indulge" in my vintage tastes! ;) Some of my favorites things to do with cards is add interesting little touches like ribbon, bits of cloth, old buttons, or even vintage BINGO pieces. Sometimes I'll add thread or maybe even burn some of the paper's edges to get a more old "feel" to it. I also like re-purposing things, that could be thrown away. For instance, I like to use parts of other cards to make new cards. In my dad's Father's Day card I used some napkins; one for the background and one to cover up the to-go cup of coffee's original message saying, "Thank you!". The possibilities are limitless and I love thinking out of the box for a new idea! Hope you enjoyed this post about one of my favorites hobbies! I also hope this post has inspired you to make some cards for the special people in your life. Or at least do something creative! ;)

Do you enjoy making cards?
Are you a "crafter"?
If so what is your favorite crafty thing to do?
Where do you get inspiration for your cards/crafts?
Please leave your comments below!
Love in Christ,

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  1. Hello, dear Sarah! Your cards are simply beautiful! I love the hairspray one :) I, too, enjoy making cards and you're right, the possibilites are endless.

    Happy Monday, dear one! Hugs!

    1. Thank you so much, Stephanie! I love all the beautiful things you make over on your lovely blog! Hope you are having a happy Monday too! =D


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