Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Power in a Testimony!

"And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony...
~Revelations 12:11~

Hello precious readers! I am taking a break from my usual posts of vintage things, travel and life updates to share with you something that has been on my heart lately. The above verse as been in my mind of late and I just want to share a bit about it. Like the verse says there is great power through the blood of Jesus Christ to overcome the enemy! There is also power in a testimony, whether it be your testimony of salvation or a testimony of what God has done for you! God's Word says it right there in Revelations! Whether the enemy is trying to bring doubt or discourage you through a trial. Whether he{Satan} is trying to steal your joy and peace. There is power to defeat him when you claim Jesus Christ's blood upon your life! There is also power to overcome him when you share with others the good things God has done for you! Whenever you speak those powerful accounts of what Jesus has done for you; you will no longer think of the tough situation you're in. You will no longer think of the sorrow or pain you feel. Instead you will be filled with joy and thanksgiving for the good and loving God that you serve! You will be reminded that God has brought you through difficult circumstances before and He will do it again! He changes not and the promises He has made still hold true! {Malachi 3:6}

Also when you share your testimony others will be lifted up. They will be encouraged to hear your stories of God's saving hand; they will realize He can do the same for them too! So speak up! Don't be afraid to share those difficult times and how Jesus brought you through them! Remember God "has not given the spirit of fear but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind..." {2 Timothy 1:7} 

I know it's hard; I struggle with sharing with others. However I have seen through my own testimonies others being strengthened and encouraged. Is it because I have a special gift in sharing? Is it because I am an exceptional speaker?  No! It's because God speaks through me when I am open to letting Him.{Exodus 4:12} It's because even though I'm often shy or afraid to speak up, I still do it, if God asks me to! There have been times that I didn't speak and I regret those times. There are times when I thought, "I don't want to burden someone with my problems." Or I have even let Satan tell me that the person won't care or they won't listen. But all of those are lies! Satan is "a roaring lion, walking about, seeking whom he may devour." {1 Peter 5:8} He is "a thief, coming to steal, kill, and destroy..." {John 10:10} He is only wanting to rob you and others of the joy and victory we have in Christ. So don't let him! Do you hear me, DO NOT let him! Remember that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.{Philippians 4:13)

And it's not just speaking out your testimonies. Even writing them down will encourage you. So when you are feeling depressed, defeated, or overwhelmed by the trials of this world, pull out a journal,  or a piece of notebook paper. Start writing  down the many things God has done for you.{Revelation 1:19} You will be empowered and encouraged through Christ when you remember what He has done for you!
{1 Samuel 12:24}

That being said, here, is a brief testimony of God's goodness to me while I've been serving with the Mutana family as their nanny. I must admit being a nanny, traveling so far away from home, and following God's path for my life hasn't been easy. But praise the Lord I am always encouraged when I read the testimony I wrote for the Mutana's blog. I hope you will read and be encouraged by it too! So go ahead start sharing what the Lord has done for you! May you  and others be victorious through your powerful testimonies! 

What amazing things has Christ done for you?
Have you been encouraged through other's testimonies?
Please leave your comments below!

Love in Christ,

PS: The first start to overcoming trials is not in sharing your testimony, but it's by having a personal relationship with Jesus! Please if you would like to know how to have Jesus in your life, contact me! I would love to share my closest Friend with you! =D

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