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A {Belated} Birthday Post!

Hello dearies! So this may be a little bit late, considering my birthday was on February 21; but just thought I would share some photos of this year's and last year's birthday celebrations. I realized while going through my photos that I never posted any pics from my 21st birthday...and I had every intention of doing so! Last year was very special because I was home after spending my 20th birthday away from home. You can read about my 20th birthday here. My 21st was a wonderful time of food, catching up with my family, and of course cake! My birthday started with one of my favorite breakfasts; pancakes, bacon and eggs! Then it ended with a fun party with my family.
My lovely pink, heart shaped cake with exactly 21 candles! Blowing out my candles and my yummy birthday meal. 
Top left is of my sweet nephew who was the reason I finally came home from Tennessee; he was worth coming home for! ;) Top right is my brother with his little girl. Bottom left: I loved this pic of my siblings with their sweet! =D Bottom right is of my little niece holding her even littler cousin. I love my family!
Each year my mom makes whatever birthday dinner we would like. Now I say whatever, but nobody has asked for steak and lobster, so not sure if she would cook that! ;) Once my sister asked for pancakes, bacon, and mashed potatoes and that is what we had! I usually ask for my favorite spaghetti meal or taco salad; one year I had shrimp fettuccine alfredo! Last year I asked for one of my favorite meals my mom cooks, Cheesy Chicken. A creamy, buttery, and you guessed it, cheesy chicken dish which we put on top of rice. My mouth is now watering...yum! We also get to pick what kind of cake we want. I chose a strawberry cake with strawberry frosting...all pink!
I loved the way the table was decorated with my collection of Eiffel Towers, some Poodle salt n' pepper shakers, and pretty colors of pink, purple,  and gold! The right picture is where my niece sat for the party. I like the way her sippy cup and booster seat matched! ;)
Another great part of my birthday was that weeks before, my mom was sending out FB messages to all the friends I made while in Tennessee. She reminded them that my birthday was coming up and if they could, to call, send a card, or a gift. Sneaky, sneaky! ;) It was a delightful surprise getting cards and packages for several days up until my birthday! Rashida, the Campbell's granddaughter, sent some pretty vintage screw back earrings, a necklace she made, some teas, and a One Direction Tee{one of our inside jokes! ;)} My good friend Annie sent a sweet card with a pretty headband she made. Read about my time with Annie, here and here. My sweet sister surprised me with an Etsy online gift card! Then on my actual birthday I had so many family and friends call to wish me a happy birthday! It was such a blessed day!
I even got a few packages from far away places, England and Australia!
The gift from Australia was from my good friends, Loretta and Jessica, I wrote about my time with them, here. They had the package filled with all kinds of goodies, a few picked up from their travels around Europe. Postcards from Paris, Italy and their native country. A pretty handmade card from Venice, some famous Aussie recipes, a video of fun shots taken while they were in TN, and the music video we made. See the video here and a post about it here.
The package from London was from my dear friend Becky, read about my time with her here and here. She including the beautiful card with Big Ben on it, and a darling London themed necklace. She even wrapped the necklace in a London, red, double-decker bus themed paper! =D
This year's birthday was spent right here, in Ontario, Canada. I got to sleep in as the children, I am nanny to, lovingly made breakfast. The eldest son{9}made French toast from scratch. He is a great little chef and loves to bake! The other two{6 and 4}helped in boiling eggs, making tea, and serving. Of course they had a little help from their mom! ;) They were so sweet and thoughtful, they put a pink birthday balloon on my chair and other balloons around the house. It was such a lovely birthday breakfast! After breakfast I got a surprise call from my grandparents, all the way down in Georgia! It is their tradition to call each member of our family and sing, "Happy Birthday" to us. They have been doing it for as long as I can remember. I was so thankful the miles that separate us didn't change that!
Later the children, including the family's 2 year old, helped in making the cake, a French vanilla cake with chocolate frosting...yum! Their mom frosted it and put a yummy mixture of yogurt, vanilla, and honey inside the two layers of cake. Then she garnished it with sweet slices of kiwi, it was an unusual but delicious combination! The families oldest son{9} drew a lovely picture of me dancing{as a ballerina} on a stage, in the background was a picture of the Eiffel Tower. {He knows that I did ballet when I was a little girl and that my dream is to one day see the Eiffel Tower.}A few days after my birthday I received a surprise gift from a friend. I never expected that the big, long box that the mail man brought was for me! Inside was a vintage style clear bubble umbrella! For years now I've wanted that kind of umbrella and I didn't even realize my dear friend new that! I can't wait to get it out on a rainy day and use it. Right now there's only snow, wonder if that would be a little strange to walk out with an umbrella in the snow....
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed a little break from the travel updates. I've have been so blessed to have some amazing birthday's and just wanted to share them with you! I know it's not all about the cake, cards, and gifts, although it is nice to have those things{and God chooses to bless with them}. However the best blessings and gifts are; the life that God has given me, my family, and dear friends! {As I finished writing this I received a few more cards from family and friends! Even though they arrived after my birthday I still find so much joy in receiving them. It's almost as if my birthday hasn't ended yet! ;)}

What are some of your favorite birthday memories?
Have any birthday traditions in your family?
Have you ever spent a birthday away from home?
Please leave your comments below!
Love in Christ

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  1. Aw, it looks like your 21st and 22nd were beautiful birthdays, in their different but equally sweet ways. Your cakes both sound delicious. :)
    For the last three years I've had a tradition of driving around looking at Christmas lights with my parents and best friends. :) Usually I get to choose what I want to eat for at least dinner.

    1. Yes they were both very lovely but different birthdays! Ooo, I love driving around to look at Christmas lights and having a favorite meal on one's birthday is the best! =D

  2. My most memorable birthday was when i turned 16. I had always wanted to be 16, just like Liesl von Trapp, ever since I was 3. I was even going to kind of have a party during a lock in/all nighter at my church. I was also in a school play that evening too. Unfortunately I ended up going home in the middle of the play (I was only in the background) because I had a fever and ended up with pink eye the next morning! I'm glad all of that happened because now I'll always remember turning 16!
    PS I would love the recipe for that delicious looking chocolate frosted cake. The filling sounds amazing!!

    1. Oh no! Wow, that definitely would be a birthday to remember! It's wonderful to hear that you can look back at that birthday and not be upset over it! Instead you choose to remember it with a joy! =D So the cake was care of Betty Crocker, frosting too! ;) I'm no snob when it comes to cake! I'll enjoy it whether it be from a box or from scratch! But the filling was homemade and I will have to get back to you on the recipe! :)

  3. Lovely post, Sarah! Choosing our birthday cake and dinner is one of our traditions, too!
    It's so nice to see updates from you! Hope you are doing well!

    1. Yes, Hagen, doing very well! Thank you so much for asking! Being able to pick one's meal and cake is a wonderful tradition! ;)

  4. Replies
    1. Yes, Keturah, both birthdays were awesome and beautiful!


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