Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Vintage Finds~ Autograph Pup

Hi there! Time again to share another vintage find! I hope you are excited because I can't want to tell about this adorable find! I would like to introduce you to Pierre, my "French" puppy! ;) I found this cute little autograph dog at a flea market/antique store while on a family vacation. At least I think that's where I got it!  
Isn't he just adorable?! With his cute smile, red beret, and the little bear on it. I simply love the look of this autograph dog! When I found this treasure I knew I had to have it right away! I'm not sure how much it was but I'm sure it wasn't more then $10. I don't like to spend lots of money on things! I'm very frugal, thrifty, wise with my money! ;)
I couldn't get over how well it's condition was. Except for a few holes and some discoloration it is pretty much in perfect condition! I only wish it had a tag so that I could research it a bit more. My guess it that it's from the late 50's or early 60's, but that is totally a guess! Just curious as to why it was never signed?! Would love to know the story behind it! Well hope you enjoyed yet another vintage find! 

Are you familiar with autograph dogs?
What do you think is the reason it was never signed?
How do you think I should go about researching it?
Please leave your comments below!
Love in Christ,

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Adventures in Tennessee~Part 9

Hello there dear readers! Well here I am again writing about my time in Tennessee! My last post was about fun times with new friends and staying busy packaging Above Rubies magazines. The month of July was a time of celebrations, cookouts, lazy weekends, rainy day walks, and hot humid Southern weather! July started off with saying goodbye to my now good friend Rebekah. I so enjoyed my time with her and will always remember our fun times outdoors! So glad that we still keep in touch through letters and the web!
For the month of July we had two fun celebrations; an awesome Independence Day celebration on the 4th and a 50th anniversary party for Mr. and Mrs. Campbell! The 4th of July{2013} was a rainy day but that didn't stop the festivities! It started with an annual fish fry at a neighbor's home. It was a neat time of meeting other families from the community and of course eating lots of yummy food. ;) It was interesting to sing our national anthem,"The Star Spangled Banner" and the pledge of allegiance with various countries represented; Liberia, New Zealand, Australia, and even the Czech Republic! There were also people from all across the US! Later in the day we had another cook out with the Campbell family in their big front yard. When nightfall came so did the shooting of dozens of fireworks! One firework exploded so near our heads, sending sparks of light everywhere! It was as if the all stars in space suddenly burst forth and landed on the ground! It was beautiful and a bit frightening! The night ended with a hilarious, blue grass, musical performance by Smoochy McTwain{aka, the Campbell's daughter-in-law, Monique} and the Hickman Pluckers and Pluckettes{aka, the Campbell's grandchildren}! =D 
In addition to the fireworks lit at night there were many smoke things{not sure what they're called}. It was so neat to see all the various colors. It was also an interesting sight seeing little children walking around with bags of fireworks! 
Another great celebration was for Mr. and Mrs. Campbell's 50th wedding anniversary. Their anniversary was actually in March; however their daughter Mercy was unable get everyone together until July! I've noticed with large families it takes a bit more effort and time to bring everybody together. However it is so worth it when you think of the blessing those family members are! Several days prior to the party Mercy and Mariah, who come to help Mercy out with the party, spent the day out buying supplies for the big event. It was a funny and nerve-wracking experience, trying to get all the things they bought into to the house without Mr. and Mrs. Campbell seeing! A few days before the party the Campbell's had to go into town which presented a perfect opportunity to bake cookies and treats for the "big day"! We were able to have every trace of baking cleaned up and cookies put away in a spare room before they arrived home!
Lots of baking and prep work had to be done before the party! Thankfully there were many hands in the kitchen! 
The bottom, far right, photo is off Mr. and Mrs. Campbell's "sweet heart" table. It didn't stay that way long because when everyone sat down to eat, all their grown children sat around them! Pictured up top, in the middle, :)

On the day of the party, Mercy asked her parents to go out and spend the day in town. No easy task as they love to be home and Mrs. Campbell is very dedicated to the AR ministry! I'm sure they knew something was up but don't think they knew exactly what! After quickly packaging the orders in the office, can't stop the office work even for a special day like this! ;) In fact while setting everything up we{Mariah, Ashley, Naomi, and I} had to keep checking and listening for phone calls! Anyway, after getting the orders done, we all busily went to work! There was more baking to be done, lots of chicken to grill, tables/canopies to set up outside, decorations to get up, and so much more! We had until 5:00 to get everything ready! Thankfully we had help from Meadow and some of the grandsons. Mercy and Mariah were busy in the kitchen, Naomi was cleaning the downstairs, and Ashley and I were busy setting up tables and canopies. Later we all helped in decorating, picking flowers for vases, and making sure everything was in place. 
Even with all the work we got done; we still had to delay the Campbell's coming til 5:30! Then horror of horrors{JK it wasn't that bad} we had to delay them again til 6:00! Some of the family members were late in arriving, the grill{which was to be cooking all the meat}wasn't set up yet, and a giant "Happy Anniversary!" banner{the grandchildren worked on} was hanging half way up and the rest was down in the drive way! Thankfully there were many hands to help and the work was all done! We girls quickly changed and readied ourselves; I'm sure we were a sight to see after working all day in the humid weather! Everyone rushed inside when the "look outs" ran in to say they were pulling up the driveway! Mr. and Mrs. Campbell walked in the door to a loud shout of, "Happy Anniversary!" from a huge crowd of over 50 people, most of them family! =D It was a lovely time of good food, family photos, and wonderful fellowship! After heading inside for the evening, the Campbell's children all stood up to tell heart warming and hilarious stories about their mum and dad! Mercy even prepared a wonderful video of family photos from the Campbell's wedding ceremony and of their lives throughout the years. It was a such a blessing to witness a Christ-honoring couple who still loved each other so much after so many years. Even more of a blessing was to see their large family surrounding them with so much love! Wow, that was a lengthy retelling of their anniversary celebration! Sorry I've never been one to shorten stories! ;)
Apart from those busy events and a few more big cook outs with the family and some friends, the month of July was relatively peaceful. Many weekends we girls would watch a movie, mostly period dramas; Pride and Prejudice{1995}, Little Dorrit{2008}, Mansfield Park,{1999}and more! I also spent the month of July watching the entire Thin Man series{1934-1947}. Ashley and I would take walks in the woods usually on trails covered in mud! Naomi, Rashida, and I spent a lot of mornings doing work outs. We had a fun movie night at Meadow's house, with plenty of her delicious THM goodies! Ashley, Naomi, and I also house sat for Meadow's family one weekend, making sure the dog and chickens were fed and well cared for. ;) Had to say yet another goodbye; this time to Mariah. :( Thankfully she would return shortly to help in the office while everyone, including me, took a strip to Florida in September! Now I'm getting ahead though! Hope you enjoyed this rather lengthy post and stay tuned for the month of August!
Just some fun random pics; When I said muddy walks I meant it! ;) While house sitting for Meadow's family we got to cuddle with this cute little bunny. Here I am with two 25,000 Iraqi dinar which equal about $42. It was an AR donation sent in the mail! Serene and Pearl dressed up for a THM video...unfortunately they decided not to use it! However it sure made for some fun entertainment! ;) Ashley dressed in one of her costumes she brought; Ashley likes to sew and dress up!One very long AR shipping receipt! It  almost stretched across the whole length of the AR office! Saying goodbye to Mariah. :(

How do you celebrate Independence Day?
If you are one of my readers not living in the US; 
do you have a holiday to celebrate your nation?
Ever helped with a big event like the Campbell's 50th?
Seen any of the films above?
How do you like to spend a weekend?
Like to take walks, even in the mud?
Please leave your comments below!
Love in Christ,

Photo credits: Ashley, Rebekah, and Meadow.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Vintage Finds~ "Mystery" Box

Hello lovelies! Hope you are all well! I'm doing great but am realizing that my blog has been filled with updates on my life and travels. I've been wanting to do a vintage themed post for quite some time! After all my blog is titled, "All Things Vintage"! ;) So without further ado I would like to present one of my vintage finds...well actually my mom found it! This pretty pink "mystery" box.
While at a flee market, a few years ago, my mom walked up to me with this lovely pink box. I thought she was showing me the box because she new I would like it, instead she said, "I got this for you!" I was so thrilled to have this lovely box in my possession! Thank you Momma, for my wonderful gift! =D I love the neat oval shape of it, the rope handle, and the best part...the black lace design printed on the box. I also though it was neat because it includes what I assume is the brand name, Lyric, and that it was from Sears, Roebuck and Co. 
Both my mom and I believe it is a hat box of some sort because of the phrase written on the box, "Fashions crowing touch." Although it is an odd shape for a hat box. I went to the web to research it, but alas I was unsuccessful in finding any results! :( So it remains a mystery! Who knows exactly what this pretty box might have carried. Also not sure about it's date. I know it must be vintage since it was around the 1970's that Sears, Roebuck and Co. shortened it's store name to just Sears. 
It's nice to think that at one time it belonged to some elegantly dressed lady from the 50's and it contained one of her pretty half hats. Maybe it contained a beautiful pair of elbow length gloves. Perhaps within this pink box was a young ladies make up supplies! Now it stores various thing of mine, special treasures and random bits. Hope you enjoyed this little treasure my mom found for, I believe, $5! What a deal! 
All the above images are from Google.
Have you ever seen a box like this?
Do you have any idea as to what might have been in the box?
What is your favorite part about it, the pink color, the "lace", etc?
Please leave your comments below!
Love in Christ,

All photos copyright by, "All Things Vintage". Unless otherwise stated.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Power in a Testimony!

"And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony...
~Revelations 12:11~

Hello precious readers! I am taking a break from my usual posts of vintage things, travel and life updates to share with you something that has been on my heart lately. The above verse as been in my mind of late and I just want to share a bit about it. Like the verse says there is great power through the blood of Jesus Christ to overcome the enemy! There is also power in a testimony, whether it be your testimony of salvation or a testimony of what God has done for you! God's Word says it right there in Revelations! Whether the enemy is trying to bring doubt or discourage you through a trial. Whether he{Satan} is trying to steal your joy and peace. There is power to defeat him when you claim Jesus Christ's blood upon your life! There is also power to overcome him when you share with others the good things God has done for you! Whenever you speak those powerful accounts of what Jesus has done for you; you will no longer think of the tough situation you're in. You will no longer think of the sorrow or pain you feel. Instead you will be filled with joy and thanksgiving for the good and loving God that you serve! You will be reminded that God has brought you through difficult circumstances before and He will do it again! He changes not and the promises He has made still hold true! {Malachi 3:6}

Also when you share your testimony others will be lifted up. They will be encouraged to hear your stories of God's saving hand; they will realize He can do the same for them too! So speak up! Don't be afraid to share those difficult times and how Jesus brought you through them! Remember God "has not given the spirit of fear but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind..." {2 Timothy 1:7} 

I know it's hard; I struggle with sharing with others. However I have seen through my own testimonies others being strengthened and encouraged. Is it because I have a special gift in sharing? Is it because I am an exceptional speaker?  No! It's because God speaks through me when I am open to letting Him.{Exodus 4:12} It's because even though I'm often shy or afraid to speak up, I still do it, if God asks me to! There have been times that I didn't speak and I regret those times. There are times when I thought, "I don't want to burden someone with my problems." Or I have even let Satan tell me that the person won't care or they won't listen. But all of those are lies! Satan is "a roaring lion, walking about, seeking whom he may devour." {1 Peter 5:8} He is "a thief, coming to steal, kill, and destroy..." {John 10:10} He is only wanting to rob you and others of the joy and victory we have in Christ. So don't let him! Do you hear me, DO NOT let him! Remember that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.{Philippians 4:13)

And it's not just speaking out your testimonies. Even writing them down will encourage you. So when you are feeling depressed, defeated, or overwhelmed by the trials of this world, pull out a journal,  or a piece of notebook paper. Start writing  down the many things God has done for you.{Revelation 1:19} You will be empowered and encouraged through Christ when you remember what He has done for you!
{1 Samuel 12:24}

That being said, here, is a brief testimony of God's goodness to me while I've been serving with the Mutana family as their nanny. I must admit being a nanny, traveling so far away from home, and following God's path for my life hasn't been easy. But praise the Lord I am always encouraged when I read the testimony I wrote for the Mutana's blog. I hope you will read and be encouraged by it too! So go ahead start sharing what the Lord has done for you! May you  and others be victorious through your powerful testimonies! 

What amazing things has Christ done for you?
Have you been encouraged through other's testimonies?
Please leave your comments below!

Love in Christ,

PS: The first start to overcoming trials is not in sharing your testimony, but it's by having a personal relationship with Jesus! Please if you would like to know how to have Jesus in your life, contact me! I would love to share my closest Friend with you! =D

Saturday, March 7, 2015

A {Belated} Birthday Post!

Hello dearies! So this may be a little bit late, considering my birthday was on February 21; but just thought I would share some photos of this year's and last year's birthday celebrations. I realized while going through my photos that I never posted any pics from my 21st birthday...and I had every intention of doing so! Last year was very special because I was home after spending my 20th birthday away from home. You can read about my 20th birthday here. My 21st was a wonderful time of food, catching up with my family, and of course cake! My birthday started with one of my favorite breakfasts; pancakes, bacon and eggs! Then it ended with a fun party with my family.
My lovely pink, heart shaped cake with exactly 21 candles! Blowing out my candles and my yummy birthday meal. 
Top left is of my sweet nephew who was the reason I finally came home from Tennessee; he was worth coming home for! ;) Top right is my brother with his little girl. Bottom left: I loved this pic of my siblings with their sweet! =D Bottom right is of my little niece holding her even littler cousin. I love my family!
Each year my mom makes whatever birthday dinner we would like. Now I say whatever, but nobody has asked for steak and lobster, so not sure if she would cook that! ;) Once my sister asked for pancakes, bacon, and mashed potatoes and that is what we had! I usually ask for my favorite spaghetti meal or taco salad; one year I had shrimp fettuccine alfredo! Last year I asked for one of my favorite meals my mom cooks, Cheesy Chicken. A creamy, buttery, and you guessed it, cheesy chicken dish which we put on top of rice. My mouth is now watering...yum! We also get to pick what kind of cake we want. I chose a strawberry cake with strawberry frosting...all pink!
I loved the way the table was decorated with my collection of Eiffel Towers, some Poodle salt n' pepper shakers, and pretty colors of pink, purple,  and gold! The right picture is where my niece sat for the party. I like the way her sippy cup and booster seat matched! ;)
Another great part of my birthday was that weeks before, my mom was sending out FB messages to all the friends I made while in Tennessee. She reminded them that my birthday was coming up and if they could, to call, send a card, or a gift. Sneaky, sneaky! ;) It was a delightful surprise getting cards and packages for several days up until my birthday! Rashida, the Campbell's granddaughter, sent some pretty vintage screw back earrings, a necklace she made, some teas, and a One Direction Tee{one of our inside jokes! ;)} My good friend Annie sent a sweet card with a pretty headband she made. Read about my time with Annie, here and here. My sweet sister surprised me with an Etsy online gift card! Then on my actual birthday I had so many family and friends call to wish me a happy birthday! It was such a blessed day!
I even got a few packages from far away places, England and Australia!
The gift from Australia was from my good friends, Loretta and Jessica, I wrote about my time with them, here. They had the package filled with all kinds of goodies, a few picked up from their travels around Europe. Postcards from Paris, Italy and their native country. A pretty handmade card from Venice, some famous Aussie recipes, a video of fun shots taken while they were in TN, and the music video we made. See the video here and a post about it here.
The package from London was from my dear friend Becky, read about my time with her here and here. She including the beautiful card with Big Ben on it, and a darling London themed necklace. She even wrapped the necklace in a London, red, double-decker bus themed paper! =D
This year's birthday was spent right here, in Ontario, Canada. I got to sleep in as the children, I am nanny to, lovingly made breakfast. The eldest son{9}made French toast from scratch. He is a great little chef and loves to bake! The other two{6 and 4}helped in boiling eggs, making tea, and serving. Of course they had a little help from their mom! ;) They were so sweet and thoughtful, they put a pink birthday balloon on my chair and other balloons around the house. It was such a lovely birthday breakfast! After breakfast I got a surprise call from my grandparents, all the way down in Georgia! It is their tradition to call each member of our family and sing, "Happy Birthday" to us. They have been doing it for as long as I can remember. I was so thankful the miles that separate us didn't change that!
Later the children, including the family's 2 year old, helped in making the cake, a French vanilla cake with chocolate frosting...yum! Their mom frosted it and put a yummy mixture of yogurt, vanilla, and honey inside the two layers of cake. Then she garnished it with sweet slices of kiwi, it was an unusual but delicious combination! The families oldest son{9} drew a lovely picture of me dancing{as a ballerina} on a stage, in the background was a picture of the Eiffel Tower. {He knows that I did ballet when I was a little girl and that my dream is to one day see the Eiffel Tower.}A few days after my birthday I received a surprise gift from a friend. I never expected that the big, long box that the mail man brought was for me! Inside was a vintage style clear bubble umbrella! For years now I've wanted that kind of umbrella and I didn't even realize my dear friend new that! I can't wait to get it out on a rainy day and use it. Right now there's only snow, wonder if that would be a little strange to walk out with an umbrella in the snow....
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed a little break from the travel updates. I've have been so blessed to have some amazing birthday's and just wanted to share them with you! I know it's not all about the cake, cards, and gifts, although it is nice to have those things{and God chooses to bless with them}. However the best blessings and gifts are; the life that God has given me, my family, and dear friends! {As I finished writing this I received a few more cards from family and friends! Even though they arrived after my birthday I still find so much joy in receiving them. It's almost as if my birthday hasn't ended yet! ;)}

What are some of your favorite birthday memories?
Have any birthday traditions in your family?
Have you ever spent a birthday away from home?
Please leave your comments below!
Love in Christ

All photos copyright by, All Things Vintage.