Thursday, February 19, 2015

Adventures in Tennessee~Part 8

Hello again dear readers! Time again for another Adventures in Tennessee post! I know you are probably thinking, “What?! Your still writing about that even though it happened in 2013!” Well…I’m one of those people that don’t like to start something and not finish it. So I said I would write about my time at the Campbell’s and I am determined to do just that. ;) So on with the month of June!
Jessica and Loretta left at the beginning of June. Read about my time with them during the month of April, here. After they left, Ashley{from Washington} and Naomi{from California} came. Before they came; I got a visit from my mom and step-dad. We spent the day out in Nashville going to the Parthenon, a giant replica of the original in Greece. Nashville apparently is known as the Athens of the South! It was a fun day and of course it was great to see my family again! =D
The biggest picture is of{from left to right}: Naomi, Rebekah, me, and Ashley. The little children in the photos are some of the Campbell grandchildren.
The bridge we are standing on made for a fun{but slightly scary} place to jump into the creek below!
Yes we did actually package that many magazines, actually more, which were then sent out all across the US!
June was a fun time of swimming in the neighbor’s creek, walks in the woods, catching lighting bugs with Rebekah{she had never seen one before coming to Tennessee!}, watching movies, thrift shopping, and just trying to stay cool in the sweltering Southern heat. It was also a busy time of packaging magazines, as issue 87 of Above Rubies was just printed. It seemed like for several days all we did was count, sort, address, and package magazines! It was a fun time though, the four of us girls seemed to be laughing all the time! Every now and then we would have help from the Campbell’s youngest grand-daughters.
Ashley's lovely handiwork! ;)
It was a great time too of making new friends with Naomi, who became Rashida’s and my work-out buddy. Naomi is a super fit person who would go for runs even when the heat was too hot to stand. I also had a lot of time talking with Ashley especially when she would do my hair. Ashley is such a talented person, when it comes to hair, that a lot of time she would do mine for parties or just in the mornings before office work. I was extremely grateful since hair-styling is not my area of expertise. 
Ashley and Naomi enjoying the music and singing some of their own at Meadow's 18th birthday party. :)
Some of the party treats. Yes that does say "Good Girl Moonshine" and no it isn't actually moonshine! It's from Trim Healthy Mama, by Serene and Pearl{Campbell's daughters}.
For the most part, June wasn't too busy with events or parties. Although at the end of the month, Meadow had a big 18th birthday/graduation party. It was such a fun event and Meadow made sure everything looked amazing! There was yummy food, live music{including Meadow performing a song she wrote, "Almost 18"}, and a fun photo booth. For Meadow's birthday my dear friend, Mariah, flew in from Washington. She left a few days after I first arrived at the Campbell's in November of 2012 so it was great getting to chat and learn more about her. Okay well actually Mariah flew in to help Mercy surprise her mom and dad with a 50th wedding anniversary party, but I will mention that in the next post for the month of July! ;) Well that concludes the month of June in Tennessee! Hope you enjoyed reading this post!
Meadow preforming Almost 18. Meadow just released her first EP, be sure to check out her FB page and listen to her beautiful and uplifting music! 
Did you know there was a replica of the Parthenon in Nashville, TN?
Ever been swimming in a creek?
Are you creative when it comes to hair?
Caught fireflies/lighting bugs in a jar?
What do you like to do in the hot summer months?
Please leave your comments below!
Love in Christ,

Photo credits: Meadow, Rashida, Ashley, Rebekah and my Mom.


  1. Meadow looks like a strawberry blond Anna Popplewell! I LOVE her shades! :D <3

    1. Haha! Yes Meadow does resemble her and I think that's the second time I've heard her compared to Anna Popplewell! ;)

  2. Yes, I have been to the Parthenon twice...once took my pictures there when Patrick & I did our civil wedding in the States.

    I am pretty creative with hair. I can't do much with mine since mine is SOOO thin....but I always do my friends hair. ☺

    Not been swimming in a creek....but a lake. Does that count?

    Don't touch bugs. Period. Love watching fireflys though.

    Does Meadow have a youtube channel because it's not letting me listen to her music on itunes.

    The Blue Birdhouse

    1. Oh cool, Iris! Was it just me or did you also think that seeing a replica of a Greek temple in downtown Nashville was a bit odd?! Neat, but odd!
      Haha! Love friends who can do hair! ;)
      I guess a lake counts!
      I general don't like touching bugs, but lighting bugs, butterflies, and lady bugs are an exception.
      No, Meadow doesn't have a Youtube channel, but I will suggest it to her. I hope you will try to listen to her music again!
      Thanks so much for commenting Iris! =D

  3. I was in Nashville once about 10 years ago. I honestly don't remember that much except for how hot it was!!
    Your hair looks lovely! I try to do new styles in my hair quite often but I'm not really good at it. I really enjoyed this post and I'm excited to hear about July! :)

    1. Haha, Jill! Yes the Southern heat usually does seem to "stick" in people's mind! ;) Thank you for the compliment! :) I too try new styles, very simple ones and sometimes they work, most times they don't! Glad yo enjoyed the post Jill. Hoping to get the month of July up soon!


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