Saturday, December 20, 2014

O Canada!

Hello dear readers! I'm finally home for Christmas after spending 41 days on the road, traveling through the good ol' US of A! ;) As I mentioned in this post; the family I nanny for will be working in North Carolina for a few months. They headed there to prepare things and spend time together as a family while I spend time with mine. After all the traveling I can truly say I am happy to be the saying goes, "There is no place like home!". Speaking of travels I thought I would share a few photos from my time in British Columbia, Canada; where I lived with the family for the months of August, September, and October. 
God allowed me to see the Pacific ocean when visiting White Rock in Canada. Since I was little I've wanted to see the Pacific ocean, I just never thought I would be seeing it in Canada! God has a nice way of throwing in surprises like that! ;) White Rock is famous for the large white rock that was discovered there in the early 1900's. It was amazing how different this beach was compared to the ones I'm used to seeing on the eastern side of the US. One major difference was seeing snow capped mountains while standing on the warm sand!
For one of the children's homeschool field trips we went to Fort Langley where British Columbia was signed into being a British Colony. There were so many neat things to see and do in addition to the actual fort. There was a sheep shearing demonstration, a butter making demo{we got to make our own too}, a blacksmith demo, a scavenger hunt, and a riffle shooting demo! The tour guides/volunteers were all dressed up in period costumes; it was all very exciting!
It was interesting to see signs written in French as well as English.
Another field trip was to Kilbey General Store, a general store/hotel/farm/post office operated by the Kilby family from the early 1900's to the 1970's. The store was passed down from father to son. The tour guides were dressed in 20's inspired outfits, since that was when the store was operating at it's peak. It was a delight to look through all the merchandise and packages throughout the store! The general store's shelves were packed full of vintage goodies that Mr. Acton Kilby{son} had kept over the years! In addition to taking a tour of the farm/store, there were fun games to play. There were various carnival like games for the children{and me ;)} to play and win prizes for!
1 The children playing one of the games. 2 One of many shelves stocked with vintage tins. 3 Charlotte's web, it was attached to the pig shed! ;) 4 One of the store cases filled with various products from the 20's and 30's. 5 The adorable pig shed on the Kilby farm. 6 Inside the pantry of the Kilby Hotel. 7 One of the many chickens on the farm. 8 The original cash register. 9 The prize box for the games. 
The week before leaving, on our US road trip, the family and I spent a day riding the Skytrain and Seabus. These are public transit systems linking the cities of Surrey, New Westminster, Vancouver and various places in between to each other. The Skytrain is exactly what it sounds like, a train that is up in the air...well you know what I mean! The tracks are built up, like a bridge, instead of on the ground. The Seabus is pretty much a ferry except there are no cars on it, just people! ;) It was fun to ride on them both and get a few glimpses of some of the big cities in B.C, including Vancouver. Although before I forget, I did have a very harrowing experience when the doors shut on me and the stroller I was pulling along. Thankfully there wasn't a child in it and there were many kind strangers willing to push open the doors before the train went speeding along the tracks!

When not out on a field trip or touring some museum, most of my time was spent: helping the children with their schoolwork, taking the children to the park, cooking meals, and doing some house cleaning. In addition to those things I got to see the African Children's Choir, have three Thanksgiving meals in October {the month Canada celebrates Thanksgiving Day}, take a visit to a local fire department{where I got to use a giant fire hose!}, hold and rock the Mutanas new born baby{the reason we were in Canada, for his birth}, have a fun day at Ikea{where we ate ice cream and Swedish meatballs}, and visit a local Christian bookstore where I drank a ridiculously huge cup of hot chocolate! Well hope you enjoyed a little look into my time while in British Columbia, Canada!
From left to right: The Queen and I! ;) One of the three Thanksgiving meals. That giant hot's Goliath!{No really, the coffee shop inside the bookstore had three sizes, Zacchaeus, David, and Goliath!} The restrooms are called washrooms in Canada. Some yummy meatballs at Ikea. Me shooting the very powerful water hose; I almost fell down! :P Middle photo: The African Children's Choir, it was a fun performance!
Have you ever been to Canada?
Do enjoy national historic sites like forts, farms, etc?
Ever gone on something similar to the Skytrain or a ferry?
Have you seen the Pacific Ocean?
Used a firefighter hose?
Heard of the African Children's Choir?
Please leave your comments below!
Love in Christ,

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  1. I think the last time I went to Canada I was about 13 and my family went to Niagara Falls. I'm lucky to live in a very historic place right now where I live within a couple hours driving distance to some very historic places.

    Looks like you had an amazing time in Canada! The Pacific Ocean pic is beautiful! I've never actually seen the Pacific Ocean, but I did touch water from it once in Washington in a little inlet/bay.

    blessings! :)

    1. Isn't Niagara Falls beautiful?! It's very neat that you live in a historic town! Yes I had a wonderful time in BC, Canada! Thank you so much for commenting, Jill!

  2. It looks like you had an amazing time in Canada! :D What a blessing to have that experience, as well as the experience of being a nanny. You were certainly in some beautiful and interesting places.
    I like seeing historical sites too! Maybe it's an odd thing for young people in our culture to enjoy, but I think it's fun.
    Congratulations on seeing the Pacific Ocean! I see it often as I live near it...just a little further South. ;)

    1. Yes I had a wonderful time in Canada! Yes it's been a wonderful experience, getting to travel and being a nanny! I've learned so much more about caring for children! I never thought about it before, but I guess you really don't here about young people being to thrilled to see historic sites...well I love them! Thanks for the congrats and very cool you live close by! =D


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