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Adventures in Tennessee~ Part 7

Hello dear readers; time again for another "Adventures in Tennessee" post! To start out with, Courtney left and it was a pleasure to get to know her even in the short time she came to help. Only a few days after that sisters, Jessica and Loretta, arrived all the way from the "land down under", aka Australia.  This was actually Jessica and Loretta's second time coming to help out with Above Rubies so some of the family came over to see them. We stayed up late into the night talking and getting to know each other. May also started with a bang...or should I say a crash. Mr. and Mrs. Campbell were gone to the airport; Rebekah and I were the only two in the house. We were on our lunch break when we heard someone yelling from downstairs, "Help! I crashed into the house!" We quickly rushed downstairs to see Rocky, one of the Campbell's grandsons, laying on the bottom of the steps. He had crashed into the house while riding his dirt bike over a dirt mound. I just knew it was serious when he said his leg was hurting. I helped him get the boot off his foot because I knew that if he had broken his leg/foot that it might start to swell. I had seen{in movies} and read enough to know that if his foot was to swell then the boot might get stuck on his foot. I called his mom to inform her of what happened then rushed back upstairs to get some ice. Before I could even get the ice all ready, his brothers were over to carry him{and the dirt bike}back home. He was more concerned about his damaged dirt bike than anything else! Thankfully Rocky didn't break any bones and healed quickly; in fact that day he was back out playing soccer with the rest of his cousins! Boys sure are tough! ;) After this and what happened to Mercy in March, once again, I'm thinking a first aid course would be an excellent idea.
Top right: Rocky. The rest of the photos are of the other Campbell grandsons with their Uncle Wes, who used to ride dirt bikes. Wes is the owner and manager of the Newsboys.

During the month of May we girls spent most of our time working on the 50's themed music video which I have mentioned here and here. It was so much fun helping to write some of the lyrics to the song, sing it, and then my favorite, dress up and film the scenes! When we weren't filming for the music video, we were taking dance lessons with Jessica and Loretta. Both Jessica and Loretta took dance lessons and new quite a few different ball room dances such as; the Waltz, the Jive, the Cha Cha, etc. Some times we would rise early in the morning to take our "lessons", Meadow and Rashida would usually join in with us. I can't say that I remember much of the moves but it was so much fun dancing and great exercise too!
Early morning and late night dance lesson were such a blast!
Another new{and adventurous} experience for me was when Rebekah, Loretta, Jessica, Rashida and I went caving! The Campbell's have a cave on their land and I had heard about it since being with them. I'd hoped to go into it and finally I got my chance! Two of the Campbell's grandsons helped guide us girls through the cave. That must have been an experience for them! ;) It was even an adventure getting there as we had to walk across a creek, through briers, and even duck under some barbed wire. Going into the cave was incredible; it was so cool{which was a nice break from the heat} and there was water going along the inside of the cave. There were some very narrow parts where we almost had to crawl. Thank goodness I didn't have to because there was lots of mud! We had to wade across the water, balance along pieces of rock which jutted out, squeeze through the sometimes narrow cave walls, and even climb up some of the rocks while trying to avoid hitting our heads on the top of the cave. Along the way we saw bats, neat sparkling rocks, and names of people who had previously gone through the cave. All in all we had a blast and we were all very grateful we made it out without any injury! ;)
Top right: At the mouth of the cave. Bottom left: climbing down some rocks to get to the cave. As you can see from the other two photos we all got a bit wet and dirty. ;)

Another fun thing we did during the month of May was going to a homeschool conference at the Opryland Hotel, I talked about the hotel in this post. The four of us helped Mrs. Campbell at the booth for Above Rubies. It was neat and quite out of my comfort zone talking with strangers about Above Rubies, the products, and then selling the materials. A fun highlight from the conference was getting to meet Jordan and Josh Taylor from Blimey Cow and seeing{unfortunately didn't get to meet}Olivia Howard of Fresh Modesty. We also had a few parties in which we dressed up, danced{including some of the ballroom dances we learned}, took photos, and ate yummy Aussie treats which Lorretta would bake.
It was so much fun posing for the camera and as you can see sometimes there were some hilarious photos taken!
Top left: Lamingtons, a favorite Aussie treat made of sponge cake, dipped in chocolate, and covered with coconut. Top right: Loretta and Rebakah being silly in front of the camera. Bottom left: Jessica and me.
We watched old movies{Tammy and the Bachelor(1957), On Moonlight Bay(1951), By the Light of the Silvery Moon(1953), The Best Years of Our Lives(1946)} or some of Jessica and Loretta's home movies on the weekend or took walks in the woods. Once we got out of the office early to go see 42 with Rashida and her mom. We also made sure to watch the Aussie classic The Man from Snowy River(1982) which apparently every Australian has seen or at least knows about it...I had never heard of it!
Top left: At the Above Rubies table at the homeschool convention. Bottom left: Jessica being silly in the office! :)
Top right: On one of our walks on the land. Middle right: Loretta with some of her yummy treats she would bake.
It was so much with Loretta and Jessica around, they are very adventurous, outgoing gals, and the Australian accent always was neat to hear. ;) I was so sad to see them go and hope to visit them in Australia one day. Hope you enjoyed another Adventures in Tennessee post!

Have you ever been caving before?
Seen The Man from Snowy River?
Tasted Lamingtons?
Taken ballroom dance lessons? 
Would you like to go to Australia?
Please leave your comments below!
Love in Christ,

Photo credits: Meadow, Rebekah, Jessica, Loretta, Mercy, Rashida, and Ashley.


  1. I went caving with Rashida, Sharar and a cousin of theirs when I first got here.


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