Monday, June 9, 2014

Adventures In Tennessee~ Part 6

Hello there; hope you are ready for another Adventure in Tennessee post?! April began with saying goodbye to my dear friend Becky. Even though Becky and I are on different continents we still keep in touch through letters and the web. Hoping to visit her in New Zealand someday... Right before she left{in fact while she and Mr. Campbell were pulling out of the driveway} they were stopped by a line of mules pulling wagons! They were all on their way to the annual Mule Day that takes place in Columbia, TN. It was so much fun standing on the side of the road and waving to all the people riding by!
A few days after Becky left Courtney, from Virginia, came to help Rebekah and I out in the once again busy Above Rubies office. When we weren't staying busy correcting tons of addresses for the AR mailing list, we would enjoy time outside. Rebekah, as I mentioned before, loves the outdoors. One day she and I built some sling shots out of twigs, rope, and plastic we found lying around. That was the first sling shot I had ever made and I was very proud it actually worked! =D We would take walks in the woods exploring the land or we would mess around trying to pole vault with giant bamboo stalks. Wish I had some photos of that! ;) It was amazing to me that in just a sort amount of time the woods were soon turning green again. It seemed as if over night the grey of winter soon faded away to the bright green of spring; it made for some lovely walks in the woods!
April seemed to be a time of family visits; Mrs. Campbell sister Kate, with her family, came to celebrate Mr. Campbell's birthday. Kate and Terre's sweet and spunky daughter, Promise, was such a joy to be with. We also had a visit from Mrs. Campbell's brother and his wife. They were both over here from New Zealand to visit family and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Campbell's sons also came to several shabbat dinners with their families. It was always great being around their family and hearing stories from the past. Unlike February there weren't too many parties going on; however we girls did have an impromptu tea party. We all dressed up, fixed some yummy treats, and had a lovely time. We played Amish Manners, danced, and had "blind" drawing contests. We would pick something to draw, like a rose, then see who drew the best rose with their eyes closed. It was so funny to see some of our sad drawings which wouldn't resemble anything close to what it was supposed to be! ;)
Top left pic is of{from left to right} Courtney and Rebekah.
One exciting event was when Rebekah, Rashida, Meadow, and I attended an AR family weekend retreat in Missouri. Unfortunately Courtney had to stay behind to watch over the office since we left early on a Friday morning. :( We traveled through Kentucky and Illinois in route to Missouri; we crossed the Mississippi River{my first time seeing it}, and drove through Cairo, an abandoned town in Illinois with some very neat old buildings.While traveling there Rashida made sure that we stayed active. For about 30 minutes we would crank up the music and do an intense arm work out in which we had to constantly keep our arms moving. It was pretty funny to see and I'm sure we were quite a site for anyone driving by! Once we arrived at the retreat/camp site we stayed busy; we listened to Mrs. Campbell speak about biblical womanhood, watched families preform in a talent show, explored the camp site, and roasted marsh mellows on an open fire! It was a wonderful weekend filled with fellowship, interesting discussions, and so much fun. The camp site had a cave which was super exciting to explore! On our way back home we experienced some mishaps, but also saw God's providently sure to read about it in this post here.
Everyone joined in the arm exercise, even Mrs. Campbell!

Speaking of mishaps, if you have noticed in most of my photos I am wearing glasses but it more recent ones I'm not. That's because one night, while waiting to visit Leah{former Ruby Girl who lives near by}, I broke my glasses! I had taken them off to read and clipped them to the side of my purse, I got up to do something, then set back down only to hear a loud snap. I was shocked; I actually broke them right in two! Not only that but I then lost them at Leah's house. Leah did find my glasses several days after in her driveway, but from then on I went without them. I did, however, buy a new pair after coming home. The funny thing is, I pretty much got used to seeing without them and wear them just when I drive at night! ;) Well that's it for April; hope you enjoyed yet another Adventures in TN post?!

Do you enjoy tea parties? 
Do you like to take road trips?
Ever broken your glasses{that is, if you wear them}?
Like to take walks in the woods?
Please leave your comments below!
Love in Christ,

Photo credits:  Becky, Mercy, Rashida, Meadow, Leah, and Rebekah. Have to say thank you again ladies for the use of your photos!


  1. Hi Sarah
    I really enjoyed visiting your blog. I'm also a big vintage fan so your tastes go along well with mine.
    I always enjoy hearing about other girls across the globe who share a deep passion for Christ and who have pulled themselves apart and separate from the world. May the Lord keep you.

    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging comment! It's a joy to read that my blog brings others joy! ;)

  2. This post is so much fun! Lovely pictures. :) Most surprisingly, I have never broken my glasses... although I can definitely understand how annoying it would be to break them! Much love, Acacia xx

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post! Yes it was a bit annoying to break them but thankfully it just forced me to get a newer, nicer pair! ;)

  3. I love road trips! And thankfully I've never broken my glasses, I have an extra pair just in case! I can't see when I drive without them so, sort of important! ;)
    Great pics-thanks for sharing a bit if your life with us!

    1. I guess you would need an extra pair of you absolutely can't see without them! Smart thinking, Natasha, planning ahead is always good! :) And road trips are the best!


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