Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Adventures in Tennessee~ Part 3

Hello! Time for another post in my "Adventures in Tennessee" series! In my last post I mentioned I was there to help decorate the Campbell's Christmas tree. I forgot to mention that I didn't spend Christmas 2012 with the Campbell's but went home for about a week to celebrate with my family. On the first day of 2013 I traveled back to the Campbell's; to my surprise{and delight} Mr. Campbell declared New Year's Day a holiday! He said I wouldn't have to work in the office! It was quite funny too, because I think Mrs. Campbell had every intention of starting back full swing, working on all the tasks that had pilled up during mine and Jessie's absence. Instead I spent the day unpacking and watching old movies with Mercy. The next day Annie from Michigan came to help out. Annie along with her sister had come before, so this would be her second time volunteering for Above Rubies. Before Annie came Mercy was trying to describe Annie to her{Mercy's} dad. I remember her saying something like this,"You know Annie, dad! She's the one with brown hair, who smiled all the time, and has pretty teeth!" Well how true that statement is...Annie does in fact have brown hair, smile a lot and have very pretty teeth. ;) Annie was a true joy and blessing to work with; she is such a cheerful person! You can read about some fun things I did with Annie and the family here.
Mr. Campbell and his daughter, Mercy, enjoying some yummy Mexican cuisine. Look how big that burrito is! Annie and I snapped some quick photos in front of the cows; you would think we had never seen them before! ;)
Annie and I had a great time together; going out to eat with Mr. Campbell and Mercy while Mrs. Campbell was gone to a retreat. Mr. Campbell usually took us girls out to eat when Mrs. Campbell was away; she didn't like for him to eat all that "unhealthy" restaurant food! We went to see Lincoln in theaters with Mr. and Mrs. Campbell; it was the first time I had been to a movie theater in ages! On one particular day a neighbor stopped by for a visit, when she came in she told us there were some cows across the road. Apparently they broke loose from someone's field and decided to munch on the grass in another field! I guess they thought the grass was greener on the other side. ;)
Left: A local pastor is getting ready to blow the shofar. Top right: Erick Staklebeck of CBN interviewing the mayor and his wife, Moshe and Leah Goldsmith.
Annie and I also had the pleasure of attending am event hosted by the Waller family. The Wallers run the ministry, HaYovel, which they founded. This is such a powerful minister working to help strengthen farmers/settlers living in Judea and Samaria{the West Bank}. We heard the mayor of Itamar, a town located on the West Bank of Israel, and his wife speak on the challenges facing the settlers there. It was an amazing and informative time!
Top: Everyone has a smile on their face...well except of course the little lady in the front! ;) Bottom left: Here I am whispering the sentence in Serene's ear. Middle: Vange{Campbell's daughter} opening up a parcel for a fun game called, Pass the Parcel. Bottm right: Vange whispering the sentence in Pearl's ear.
I also celebrated Mercy's 21st birthday with all the ladies in the Campbell family. We had plenty of yummy THM food and played a lot of fun games! One such game was Telephone in which one person whispers a sentence in someone's ear; then that person will whisper want they heard in the next person's ear. The funny part is, you can only say the sentence once, so if you hear the wrong thing you will pass the wrong sentence! So the original sentence was something like this,"Mercy is addicted to her kettle-bell workout", turned into,"Mercy loves a catapult workout!" =D Another fun game we played was Pass the Parcel; in this game a gift is wrapped up in several papers. Each layer of paper has a question on it; who has the bluest eyes?, who was our third president?, who can sing the highest?, etc. If you answer/win the question you get the parcel. The parcel is passed on until someone gets to the bottom layer of paper and wins the gift. In this case Mercy won because the last question was, "To the one who is 21!" ;)
Left: Psalmody and her little boy, Anthony. Top right: Becky posing in the living room. Bottom right: Unloading books in the rain; it's a tough job but someone has to do it! ;)
Everyone wanted to have their photo taken with sweet little Anthony before he left. Clockwise from upper left: Me, Mercy, the Campbell's granddaughter, Autumn{Autumn and Anthony are special friends}, and Annie.
The Campbell's daughter Psalmody came for a visit along with her adorable son Anthony. Psalmody works from her home as a hairstylist. Every time she came for a visit she would have a different hairdo. :) Soon we were to have another visitor; Becky, all the way from New Zealand, joined Annie and me in the AR office. On Becky's first day she had to help us unload cases of heavy THM books from the truck to the garage...in the rain! Well that concludes all the happenings for the month of January 2013; hope you enjoyed it! 

Have you heard of the Wallers or their ministry HaYovel? 
 Played Telephone or Pass the Parcel before?
Had to do a hard task...out in the rain; did you enjoy it or not?
Please leave your comments below!
Love in Christ,

Photo credits: Mercy, Annie, and Becky; thanks for letting me use them! :)


  1. I have heard of the Wallers and their ministry. I have watched a couple of their videos.
    I have played telephone, but never heard of pass the parcel.
    Many of times I have had to do hard tasks out in the rain. Sometimes yes, most times no. I can remember one time in particular when our pump house was blowing over in a really bad storm, and we (me and my Mom) had to go out in the nearly freezing rain, and tie it to the truck and pull it upright. Ugh!


    1. Ugh, indeed! I'm so thankful I've never had to such a hard task like pulling a pump house up in the rain. Very neat you've heard of the Wallers; I wasn't familiar with them till going to AR.

  2. Oh gee! I haven't played telephone since I was like 6! Too funny how the sentence always ends up mangled!
    A modest fashion blog: www.natashaatkerson.blogspot.com

    1. Haha! Yes they do get mangled up; it's never fun when they don't! ;)

  3. January sounds like another great month with the Campbells. :D
    I have played telephone, but never pass the parcel...sounds like a good idea though. :)

    1. Pass the Parcel is such a fun game! I think it must be a New Zealand/Australian game. I had never played it before going to the Campbell's. :)


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