Friday, May 9, 2014

Adventures in Tennessee~ Part 2

Hello there lovelies! So here's part 2 of my "Adventures in Tennessee" series. The last post I ended with Layla leaving. :( Thankfully not too long after she left Jessie{from a near by town} came to help out in the busy AR office. Not only did we spend about a month rooming and working together but Jessie would visit often while I was there.
Since neither Jessie or I had a camera this is the only pick I could find of us together. It was taken during a Valentine's party we girls had.
The office was indeed busy in December because we were having a whole bunch of Christmas specials in the AR store. It seemed the phone would ring more and more each day that led up to Christmas. In fact we had so many orders coming in that I was just about on the phone all day everyday{we worked from 9am-5pm; Mon. thru Fri.} taking orders. If I wasn't on the phone I was on the computer printing out more orders to package. Jessie was right in there doing most of the packaging along with Mercy and Pearl{Campbell's daughters}, Meadow{Campbell's granddaughter}, and sometimes Mrs. Campbell herself! It was a pretty rough time and needless to say Jessie and I were exhausted at the end of the day; not so much physically as we were mentally. Although toting boxes of heavy books from the garage to the office is pretty physically demanding; it was a great work out! ;) But praise God! He gave us the strength and patience we needed through it all.
Left: Cases of books piled up in the garage{aka. the AR warehouse}. Top Right: The desk where most of the packaging gets done. Bottom Right: Working at the computer, which is where I spent most of my time during December! 
Jessie is a huge lover of outdoors{she would prefer being outside then in the office ;)}. At the end of the work day many times she and I would take walks out in the Campbell's front yard{more like field}. Even when it was dark outside we would still take a walk together. It was so peaceful; Jessie and I got to talk and just spend time together enjoying the cold December air.
The Campbell's front yard; obviously this wasn't taken during December. Although I'm sure you guessed that! ;)
Speaking of exercise...I couldn't do a post in this series without mentioning all the work outs I did! At least two mornings out of the week{sometimes more} I would wake up early to join Rashida{Campbell's granddaughter} for a work out. Usually the other Ruby Girls would join us as well as Meadow. I must admit I wasn't too thrilled to start my day off with a workout at seven in the morning, sometimes earlier. Rashida is such a persistent person great motivator ;) that she would always get me going and fired up for it. It's  a satisfying feeling to know that all that sweat, blood, and tears paid off in getting me into shape. Okay so there wasn't really blood but there were tears, although they were some tears from laughing so hard I would cry! Workouts with Rashida could be quite humorous sometimes.
Really love this candid photo especially since I was the one to snap it! Left to right: Rashida, Mercy, and Meadow; love these girls so much and I'm beyond blessed to call them my friends.

It wasn't all hard work during that busy Christmas time. Some fun things I did were celebrating December 12, 2012 with some chocolate ice cream and a movie! Decorating the Campbell's tree with Mercy which meant some time away from the busy office. ;) Sometimes it's the little things like that which make life so special. I also got to attend a ladies Christmas party hosted by Mrs. Campbell's sister, Kate. It was a wonderful time filled with yummy food and fellowship. One highlight of the party was listening to three ladies preform "Carole of the Bells" acapella; it was incredible! Another highlight was singing a New Zealand Christmas carol called, "Te Hariniu", which is Maori. I'm not sure what it means though! ;) Meadow played the guitar for us. By the way Meadow is such a talented song writer/singer. I had the privilege of getting to hear her sing several times. I'm sure there's so much more I could write about but as I can't remember anymore this concludes my post. ;) I also  didn't write in my journal for the month of December so alas nothing to reference! This is way, my dear readers, it's so important to keep up on your journal writing, assuming you keep a journal.
Didn't Mercy and I do a lovely job on the tree?!
Ever worked in a busy office?
Do you do work outs/how do you get your exercise in?
Keep a journal?
Please leave your comments below!
Love in Christ,

Photo credits: Meadow, Becky, Rebekah, Ashley, Mercy; thanks again ladies for the use of your photos!


  1. Wow, sounds like December was a busy month! I'm sure it was a great life experience though. :) Also, how sweet to have fellowship with the other girls.
    To answer your questions...1) No. 2) I have an underdeveloped shoulder muscle that I'm trying to build up so I have a brief workout for that every night, and besides that....I go on occasional walks - not as many as I want. 3) Not anymore. :\ Maybe I'll pick it back up to record this year's summer travels.

    1. Yes I did and the fellowship with other Christian ladies was so awesome! Haha, I need to keep my journal up; I've written in it several times this year but there are lots of gaps in between my dates! Oh by the way, for some reason this post went up on the 6th even though I wrote it on Friday the 9th...if you were wondering way you are just now seeing it. Sometimes Blogger can be so pesky! ;)


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