Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Quick Update

Hello lovelies! Just wanted to write a quick post to update y'all. I've been very busy lately planning for a trip that I will be taking soon...will right more on that later! I have several outfit posts I want to publish, some back when the weather was still cold. I also have some vintage finds I want to share as well as some things I picked up at a church yard sale. I'm trying hard to get my "Adventures in Tennessee" posts up as I will soon be taking off on another adventure which I will want to share with you all. So please bear with me...life has just been very busy! Thank you so much for the sweet comments you leave and it really thrills me that you enjoy my blog. I hope to keep posting at least once a week and hope you will keep reading! While you are waiting for new things to read, why not check out some of my older posts?! ;) Just want to say that God is so good!! I'm extremely grateful for His peace and the strength He gives me even in the busy times of my life!
So what have you been busy with lately?
Taking any trips this summer?
Please leave your comments below!
Love in Christ,

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