Friday, May 2, 2014

Vintage Finds~ 1930's Magazine

Hello there! I'm happy to present to you another one of my vintage finds, this time it's a vintage McCall's magazine from 1939. 
I was so excited to find such a treasure at one of my local flea fact the flea market is called The Treasure Trove! ;) I couldn't believe the excellent condition that this magazine was in; the colors are still so vibrant. Hard to believe this magazine is over 70 years old and still looks amazing!
Okay so I know what you're thinking I said this was a McCall's magazine from 1939 and this is the cover of  a Ladies Home Journal! Before you say I'm crazy let me explain; I only discovered that the cover didn't match up after I had taken the photos. When I bought the magazine this cover from a 1940's issue of Ladies Home Journal was sitting sort of on top of the McCall's magazine. I didn't think anything about it and assumed that the cover was just ripped off and placed on top of the magazine. Obviously I didn't take a real good look through the magazine before I snapped it up...I was just too excited! Oh well my mistake but now I have a vintage McCall's magazine and a vintage Ladies Home Journal magazine cover. ;)
I love looking through this little piece of history; from the fashion spreads to the neat{and sometimes funny}ads! Have you ever suffered from "Gap-Osis"? :)
Somethings will always remain a classic...Coca-Cola, the pause that{still}refreshes! ;) 
So cool how most of these products are ones seen on our store shelves even today.
My grandmother actual gave my mom a box of Rinso that belonged to her mother, for some reason it was never opened.
Not all the ads are for cleaning products, food, and such. Here is an advertisement for cooking with gas instead of electric. I thought the ad to visit Hawaii was interesting because it wasn't a state in 1939 and didn't become one until 20 years later.
Love this mattress ad that is looking into the styles of the future...all the way into 1954! Funny to think that  it seemed a long way off in 1939 when now that's 60 years ago! Take note of the plastic headgear mentioned in the top right photo. :)
It's so interesting to see some of the prices for various items; from houses to toasters. Things sure were a lot cheaper in 1939! I mean who wouldn't love a pretty two story house for only $5,000?!
Of course my favorite part of this magazine is the fashion articles featuring all the latest styles for 1939. You can see the 40's influence in these outfits with the broad shoulders and shorter length skirts.
Look at those beautiful shoes; would love to still be able to buy a pair for $6.00 or $6.75!
Not only is this magazine filled with ads and fashion advice; there are also short stories, current event articles{as in current in 1939 ;)}, must see movie listings{Gary Cooper in Beau Geste, The Women with Joan Crawford  and Rosalind Russell}, plus yummy recipes, and contests. This magazine has it all! :)
And here's a neat photo to compare the size of the McCall's magazine to a modern magazine. Look at what a difference! Well hope enjoyed my neat little find. Sorry for all the photos just couldn't help myself! ;)

Own any vintage magazines? 
What's your favorite part; the ads, the fashion spreads, the illustrations, etc.?

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  1. What a fun magazine find! :D I enjoyed looking at what was inside.
    I have two LIFE magazines from '46 and '47, and a Saturday Evening Post from the 60's. They are so enjoyable to pore over! The ads are probably my favorite parts.

    1. Life magazines from the 40's...very cool! Would love a vintage Life magazine especially from the 40's or 50's. So glad you enjoyed my{many} pictures! ;)

  2. I think my favorite part of old magazines are all the color illustrations! They are beautiful and just so charming compared to the, pretty much, solely photo filled magazines of today. The photo of Gary Cooper reminded me of a newspaper clipping my dad inherited from an elderly cousin of a young lady in the 30s or 40s who had a picture of Gary Cooper tattooed on her back! Thank you so much for sharing your find! This was such a fun post to look through. :)

    1. I know aren't they lovely; to think someone took the time to draw all of those pretty pictures! Haha... that someone would have a tattoo of Gary Cooper on them is pretty funny, interesting, and a bit weird...thanks for sharing that! ;) So glad you enjoyed the post! =D


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