Thursday, April 3, 2014

1Top 3Days~ Day 1

I'm so excited to be participating in the 1Button Down| 3Ways| 3Days challenge! This event is hosted by some of my favorite blogs, Boyer Family SingersBramblewood Fashion, Fresh Modesty, and Creations by Callie. The whole idea is to pick one top and style it three different ways for the next three days, counting today! So here is the top I've chosen...
I gave myself more of a challenge by picking a top that is way too big for me. If you read this post here you know that I lost a considerable amount of weight and as a result I have several over sized clothes...this button down{or is it button up?} being one of them! ;) For today's outfit I decided to "disguise" the hugeness of my blouse by tucking it into my grey maxi-skirt. Since it was cool outside I decided to throw on my denim jacket which works well with the shirts country look.
Since I didn't want to go all the way with a country/cowgirl look I decided to put on my new leather heels which are very reminiscent of the 1940's. I added a scarf around my waist to tie in some more blue; the scarf is almost the exact same color as my shoes! My mom, who collects scarfs, had it tucked away in one of her many drawers full of them{scarfs that is}. It belonged to one of my great grandmothers. I also added some blue earrings to carry the blue all throughout my outfit.

My Outfit
Button down shirt: thrift store; $4.00
Jean Jacket: Gap{via Goodwill}; $5.00
Maxi skirt: H&M{via Goodwill}; $2.00
Leather heels: Hush Puppies{birthday gift from Mom}; free
Scarf: borrowed from Mom; free
Earrings: Claire's; ???

I hope you enjoyed this outfit post and be sure to stayed tuned for the next two featuring this same blouse! Are you joining in on the 1 Top| 3 Ways challenge? Do you every try to refashion a familiar item of clothing or just tend to stick with the same way of wearing it? Please let me know in the comments below!

Love in Christ,


  1. Great outfit, Sarah! :D Your new shoes are darling. What a creative idea to find ways to use a shirt that doesn't fit.
    BTW, it looks like you posted this on Thursday, but I didn't see it until today. Hmm.

    1. Thank you! Yes I know I didn't get a chance to post it on Thursday so I posted it yesterday, but "scheduled" it to go up on Thursday. I didn't want to have my readers all confused thinking,"the contest started on Thursday but she posted this on Saturday!"'s our little secret...hehe! ;)

    2. Heh heh, sounds good. ;)


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