Friday, March 28, 2014

"Like A Big Pizza Pie"

Today's Friday and for me that usually means watching some vintage movies. Some of my favorite go to classics are anything directed by Frank Capra, a fun musical like; The Music Man or Singing in the Rain, or perhaps a suspenseful Hitchcock film.
When watching a movie what can go better with it then eating a deliciously cheesy pepperoni pizza! However I'm not talking about your generic frozen pizza from the store or even an expense delivery pizza; I'm talking about a homemade pizza with plenty of flavor and fewer,"I wonder what's in this?" ingredients. My mom and I have been making this particular pizza for a while now and absolutely love it! The crust as well as the pizza are made from recipes found over on, Gwen's Nest, a website filled with plenty of delicious recipes, natural remedies, and creative DIYs. 
 Look at all those yummy Italian seasonings; oregano, garlic, parsley, fresh cracked salt n' pepper, and plenty of shredded Parmesan cheese...and that's just the crust!
 Next of course comes tomato sauce and a generous amount of mozzarella cheese. Is your mouth watering yet?

And for a finishing touch, one of my favorite parts, the pepperonis! After a quick bake in the oven all that cheese turns into chewy, gooey goodness. The pepperonis get nice n' crispy and the crust is fluffy on the inside,but crispy on the outside...yum! Not only is this pizza mouthwateringly{not sure if that's a word ;)} delicious, it's also weight contentious. When eaten the write way it won't be detrimental to your waist line. :) This recipe is part of an eating lifestyle{not diet} known as THM or Trim Healthy Mama which was created by sisters, Serene and Pearl. Now don't let the name mislead you it's not just an eating plan for moms but for anyone who needs to lose weight and wants to stay healthy! I've had tremendous success with this new way of eating as it has helped me to not only loose a large amount of unhealthy weight but also keep it off! Be sure to check the links out! {I am not being paid to advertise for THM, I just wanted to share this incredible eating plan with you do to my own success with it!}

How do you like to spend your Fridays/weekend? What's some of your favorite classic movies? Have you ever made a pizza from scratch? Please leave your comments below!

Love in Christ,

PS: If you wondering where the title for this post is from, then check out this song!


  1. That looks delicious! I can almost smell it. ;) Pizza and Classic movies sounds like a great way to spend Friday night. I usually go to a Bible study on Friday, but last night I attended a formal banquet for homeschoolers and homeschool alumni. It was fun and had plenty of yummy food!
    My favorite classic movies? Heh...that's mostly what I watch. ;) I like Roman Holiday, Penny Serenade, Suspicion, The Purple Plain, and the African Queen, just to name those I've seen more than once.

    1. Thanks! A Friday night Bible study is even better than watching movies! So wish there was a group Bible study I could go to...Friday or any day! So what did you wear for the formal banquet? It sounds like fun and of course yummy food always helps make an event even better! ;) Oh love Roman Holiday and most any movie with Audrey Hepburn. Suspicion and the African Queen are great too but I've never seen Penny Serenade or The Purple Plain. I'll have to add them to my list of movies to see! :)

    2. Yes, you should! :)
      Well, I wore basically the same outfit and hair I wore in my 60's post with the black dress and shrug, but with black shoes and a bow in my hair. :) It was fun to see what everyone wore, because there were varying degrees of "formalness" and color schemes.

    3. I bet you were the best dressed there... that black dress looked great on you! :)


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