Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Spot of Tea!

A couple of weeks back in my Oh So Busy post I mentioned that I attended a tea party hosted by my aunt. The tea party was in honor of all the ladies who had birthdays in January and February. I happened to be one of those...I turned 21, by the way, on February the 21st! We had such a lovely time; we dressed up, ate yummy treats, we talked{a lot}, and we laughed{even more}. So here are some pictures that I{and my mom} snapped amidst all the fun.
Me and my cousin, Michelle; don't you love her 20's esque hand band? The fur stole I'm wearing belonged to one of my great grandmothers.
My sister, Lydia, and her adorable son{my adorable nephew} in the back ground, up at the top is my Aunt Sherri, she is the one who hosted the party and happens to be my mom's twin, and in the lovely pearls and cameo is my Aunt Rose.
Here is my sweet grandmother with my sweet nephew, Corbitt, napping in her lap and here he is playing with my sister-in-law love, Katie. Note her hair, my nephew loves to play with hair and probably is the "culprit" to Katie's messy hair! ;)
My Aunt Mary went all out wearing a very 20's inspired outfit. Love her hat!
Here's my mom with my nephew; love his little sweater and the bow tie on his onesie! My mom looks like a Russian royal in this hat.
My cousin, Elizabeth, who is wearing a pretty vintage hat; I call this picture, "Modern Meets Vintage"! 
"Hello I'm Miss Eliza Doolittle!" My family thought I looked like Eliza from My Fair Lady with this hat and fur stole on! After mentioning that we all broke out in song, singing "Wouldn't It Be Loverly", we sounded pretty good and it was like being in a musical! ;)
Here is the only pic that was snapped of my full outfit; I stole borrowed it from Katie's Facebook! :) My dress is what I wore in my sister's wedding{from ModCloth}, my hat was given by a friend, my gold flats are from Payless, my vintage screw back earrings{which you can't see} I bought at a church yard sale for 25 cents!{I'm very proud of them}and my pink bracelets{American Eagle} were a gift from my mom.
Of course it wouldn't be a tea party without yummy treats and sweets; some tea cakes{in the red tin} and lemon blossoms{on the tray}, both were so delectable and made by my grandmother.
A very delicious batch of brownies; not your typical tea party food!
Now this is closer to what you might see at a traditional British tea; scones with lemon curd and "Devonshire" cream. 
And here is something savory; mini quiches and dainty sandwiches. Oddly enough we have no pictures of the pretty tea cups we used, oh wait here we are... some of our teacups air drying, after a good cleaning, in our dish washer! ;)
I hope you enjoyed the photos. 
How about you; do like tea parties? 
Dressing up? 
Or just drinking a hot cup of tea? 
Please leave your comments below!

In Christ,


  1. Sarah, this looks like so much fun! :D You look beautiful, and your dress is lovely. The food looks scrumptious. What a great way to celebrate birthdays. Happy belated birthday, by the way!

    1. Thank you so very much, Paige! I'm hoping we will do these at least once a year; it was so much fun! :)


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