Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What I Wore~ Playing in the Snow

This past week the south received another big snow{and ice} storm! Once again I went out in the snow and took some pictures but this time I used my camera I received from my grandfather. It's an old Cannon and uses film. My grandmother and I refer to it as "the dinosaur". It was so much fun to go out again and take pictures of the beautiful winter wonderland! You can see my other photos of the last snow fall here. I can't wait to see how the photos turn out once I develop them...will scan and post them! Since this storm was going to bring a lot of ice there was fear that the power would go out. My mom and I spent two days up at my grandparents house{they have a generator} just in case the power did go out. It never did...praise the Lord! We had such a fun time with my grandparents; playing Uno, watching movies{and eating popcorn}, playing with their cats, and just spending time with them. Unfortunately we forgot to bring the cameras so I'm posting a few outfit photos from the last snow. I was also able to take some{a lot} of photos with my grandmother's phone!

Love the bright cheery colors in this shot!

Purple t-shirt(not pictured): Goodwill; $2.00
Grey sweater(peeking out from the bottom of my coat): from a friend; free
Blue Coat: Old Navy(thrifted from Goodwill); $10.00
Floral print skinnie jeans: Goodwill; $3.00
Pink boots: gift from my mom(Wal Mart); free
Gloves: K-Mart; $5.00
Beret: Wal-Mart; $5.00
Scarf: gift from aunt; free

Obviously I wore a lot of layers, but I also had on a tank top, two pairs of socks, leggings, and some dish washing gloves{yes the yellow plastic ones} under my black gloves! Your probably thinking, "What's with the dish washing gloves?" Well when picking up the snow they help my hands stay dry which means they won't be near as cold! Pretty smart thinking, eh?

What about you; do enjoy the snow? Do you get much of it where you're from?

Love in Christ,


  1. Those bright colors sure make the winter look cheery!!:)

    1. Those cheery colors put an instant smile on my face! ;)

  2. It sounds like you had a fun, cozy time at your Grandparents' house! :) I look forward to seeing the pictures you took with the "dinosaur". Heh heh!
    I like the bright color of your coat with your pink boots! :D Did all those layers keep you warm, or were you still chilly?

    1. Ha! Yes it will be a surprise to see how the photos turn out! All the layers did keep me warm, but after walking in the snow for about an hour my toes time I'll be sure to where at least four pairs of socks! :)


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