Friday, February 7, 2014

What I Wore~ New Blue

Thought I would post a few photos to show you my new winter coat I bought at Goodwill. I wanted a black pea coat but instantly fell in love with this pretty blue one my mom found. I'm not very good at posing for photos but I love the way these turned out. Thanks mom for standing in the cold and taking them!

 Don't let that sunshine fool ya' it was very cold that day!

These photos were taken the same day as this post. So if you want the details of the actual outfit check out  the post! 

Coat: Old Navy(thrifted from Goodwill), $9.52
Black scarf: Dollar General, free...there is a story behind it
Black gloves: K-Mart, $5.00

Okay so I said there was a story behind the scarf and I can't finish this post without telling you! So while picking some things up from my local Dollar General{a few years ago} with my mom, I noticed a display with a bunch of cute scarves priced at $5.00. After selecting the above scarf, we proceeded to check out. Well when the cashier rang up my scarf she said, "That's strange, it only rang up for a penny." She then remembered that the scarf display was supposed to be put away after summer and this was in the middle of fall. That being said the price for the scarf wasn't in their system anymore. Thinking I would have to put the scarf back I was totally surprised when she said that I could have it! My mom asked her if we could go and grab some more; the cashier told us no.{we tried ;)} She then put the scarf in the bag, I told her thank you, and my mom and I were on our way. I know that was God just giving me a special little{big to me} blessing!

How about you, has God blessed you in some small{big} way like that? Would love to hear from you; please leave your comments below!

Love in Christ,



  1. What a beautiful coat! :D Tailored outerwear is so fun.
    That's a neat story about the scarf too! My small/big blessing is that when I was home feeling icky from taking antibiotics last summer a classic Gregory Peck movie that I had wanted to see for years and couldn't find anywhere was on TV just at that time. :)

    1. Thank you so much, Paige! Yes I love tailored outerwear and it's so funny you mentioned Gregory Peck because I believe it was a movie he starred in that kinda' gave me a love for this style of coat! Oh that's so neat about seeing the movie and I love how God does things like that! If you don't mind me asking what was the movie?

    2. Oh, that's funny! :) It was a comedy from the late 40's, I believe (?) called "Man With a Million".

    3. I've never heard of that one, but after looking it up it sounds very interesting! Wish my library had it. Hopefully I will get to see it too!

  2. Very cute, Sarah! I love how you matched the green skirt with the light blue coat....looks very lovely! Great post.

    Ashley B.
    Like No Other Fashion

    1. Thank you so much Ashley! I love the color combo it's so cheerful in these winter months! If you like the post be sure to follow my blog and subscribe by email! By the way love your blog!


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