Thursday, January 23, 2014

I ♥ Thursday{no.5}

The past few weeks I've been reading a lot and so I will simply say I'm loving books! I love that I can travel the world, go on the most daring adventures, solve crimes, and so much more through just opening up and reading a book!

I love my new Old Navy wool coat I bought this past Sunday via Goodwill for only $9.00{okay so actually it was $9.52}! It keeps me so warm when going out in all this cold winter weather.
I've been watching some episodes of Agatha Christie's Poirot and have been loving the 30's fashion and of course the intriguing plots.
Love all the interesting and funny quotes/sayings I find on Pinterest and Facebook, like these two:

Last but not least I've been loving all the tea that I've been drinking this week! I've had a sore throat this week and a cup of hot tea sure is soothing! Some of my favorites have been peppermint and Earl Grey.

What have you been loving this week?

Love in Christ,


  1. Is that the actual coat you bought? :) If so, it's lovely!
    I've been enjoying tea this week too! I've also been enjoying reading Psalms and wearing brown boots!

    1. Thank you and yes that is the coat I bought although the picture is from the internet. Psalms is one of my favorite books of the Bible! I would love to find some brown boots myself, preferably leather ones. I guess I will continue to keep a lookout for a good pair at a great price! Also thank you so much for following my blog!

    2. For sure! :) I hope you find some good'll have to post when you do!

    3. Thank you so much Paige! And yes I will have to post if and when I get a pair!


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