Sunday, May 26, 2013

A "Vinatge" Video {Long Post Alert!}

Since being here at Above Rubies I have been able to be part of a lot of fun and interesting experiences. One such experience is acting and helping with the making of a short music video! It all came about when two sisters, Loretta and Jessica, came to Above Rubies from Australia. They volunteered for Above Rubies about three years ago and made a short movie called, The Great Rebellion, which most of the Campbell grandchildren starred in. Well all the children really wanted to do another movie when they found out that Jessica and Loretta were coming back. However they aren't here long enough to do a movie, so we decided to do a music video! We (Jessica, Rashida, and I) wrote the words of the song with inspiration from the 1950's song "Rockin' Robin". We changed the words to fit what the Campbell's grandchildren do on the land. Most of the video has shots with the children but there are a few fun scenes that Loretta, Jessica, Rebekah(volunteer from Idaho), Meadow, Rashida, and I got to take part in. Since the song has a 50's feel to it we decided to do some scenes dressed in 50's inspired clothing. I'm hoping to post the video on my blog when it's ready. For now you will just have to look at some behind the scenes photos.
These photos were a lot of fun; I loved my 50's inspired outfit! I would love to wear more outfits like this one for everyday! My shirt is actually a dress Jessica let me use. I then tucked it into a polka dot skirt from Meadow and to give the outfit a finished look added the belt from Rashida and the necklace, also from Meadow. 
Here is Rebekah(from Idaho) in a very farm girl 50's outfit. Doesn't she look cute on that tractor?! She is wearing one of Meadow's shirts. Actually Jessica wore one of Meadow's dresses. Thanks Meadow for supplying us with some of your cute and vintage inspired clothing!
Our talented make up artist Rashida doing her own make up!
Jessica and Loretta know some different ballroom dances, one of them is the Jive which they have been teaching us girls. Here we are doing it for the video.
Here's a cool shot of the camera filming Meadow and Loretta dancing the Jive!
Of course we had to crowd around the camera and see one of our scenes!
I love the angle of this shot! Rashida who is actually a very talented photographer, you can see some of her work here, had to "take" some photos of us for the video.
Our talented director, Jessica, not only did she film most of the video; she also edited the entire thing by herself! Thanks Jessica for your labor of love!

And to finish off the photos, although I could post more, here is a lovely photo of us girls! From left to right: Rebekah, Loretta, Jessica, Rashida, Meadow, and me.I hope you enjoyed the photos! 

Have you been up to any interesting projects lately?
Ever been in a film before?
Ever made a "home" video before?
Please leave your comments below!

Love in Christ,

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