Thursday, April 11, 2013

I ♥ Thursday{no.4}

So here is what I am loving this week:

My grandparent's 52nd Anniversary was this past Monday{the 8th} and here is their wedding photo. I absolutely love my great grandmothers' and grandmother's {now} vintage 50's dresses! And of course my great grandfathers' and grandfather's suites! Those were the days when people really knew how to dress!

I am so loving greek yogurt with berries and stevia{a healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth}. Another good combination peanut butter plus banana,Yummy! Just make sure you get plain greek yogurt. :)

I so love all the scripture I see on Facebook! Here are just two amazing scripture about the love we have in Christ.

Here is a simple but cute nature shadowbox which I have pinned here. The shadow box pictured is decorated for Autumn but would be so cute to do for every season!


I can't wait to do these shadow puppets with some of the Campbell's grandchildren! It would be so much fun to do with little children{big children too}!

So what have you been loving this week?


Love in Christ,



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