Saturday, April 20, 2013

God is Good!

Hello dearies! Here I am to share a testimony of God's hand of provision and protection. If any of you don’t know I’m currently volunteering for a wonderful ministry, Above Rubies, and have been for the past five months. I first mentioned it in this post here. Well this past weekend I was given the opportunity to go to one of the family retreats Above Rubies has all over the United States. These retreats are a great opportunity for families to be encouraged as they follow God’s biblical vision for them. Well I could(and should) write a post about the great times we had at this retreat which by the way was in Missouri. However the story I want to share the most is one of God’s providential hand upon us as we returned home. We were already out of Missouri, had passed through Illinois, were in Kentucky, 77 miles away from Nashville, and about 7 hours into the trip when…we got a flat tire!

Mr. Campbell pulled over on the side of the road , got out, and began to look for the wrench. He did not find it right away so he began to pull all the stuff out of the trunk; did I mention there were five women including me! Can you imagine all the luggage, plus four boxes of books, a guitar, and a cooler all piled up on the side of the interstate?! Well Mr. Campbell nor any of us ladies could find the wrench under any of the seats. What was Mr. Campbell to do? He had no wrench to get the bolts off the tire! Thankfully he was able to flag someone down to help. All this time Mr. Campbell wouldn't allow us to get out of the car, but when the two men who came to help started jacking the car up, there was no way us girls would stay in the car. ;) So out we came onto the side of the interstate joining our mound of stuff and the three men trying to now locate the spare tire! Thankfully this was mostly at night so we didn't start a traffic jam with lots of on lookers.
Anyway back to the spare tire; Mr. Campbell and the two men who were helping searched everywhere for the tire but couldn't find it! So even if we had a wrench, it wouldn't have done us any good since we didn't even have the spare! I know you’re thinking this sounds terrible, “I’m not seeing where God’s hand is on this situation!”, oh just wait for this… the two men who stopped to help(which will remain nameless because I don’t remember their names) went a few miles away to get us a “fix a flat” kit. They did not even let Mr. Campbell pay for it. The men fixed the tire and then drove in front of us to see if we could make it on our own to a motel room some miles back. We drove a little ways and then turned back but “POP!”, again the tire blew! When they noticed we had stopped they backed up until they were right in front of us. They offered to drive us to the motel even though it would mean taking two trips, since we could not all fit in their little car. In the first trip went Mr. Campbell, Rashida, and Meadow (who are the Campbell’s grand daughters); then Mrs. Campbell, Rebekah(another girl volunteering from Idaho) and I. 
In the car ride the man driving told us that he wouldn't normally be going the way he was, but they(he and his friend) were coming back from hearing a friend of their’s preach! They were so friendly; every time we said thank you they just acted like it was nothing. Like they went out of their way for complete strangers all the time! We arrived at the hotel and said good bye and one last thank you. After the two men left Mrs. Campbell told us that they paid for both of our motel rooms, one for her and Mr. Campbell and one for us girls, without excepting a "no". I still can’t believe all the kindness these men did for us, strangers who just expected a hand with a flat tire, instead they went above and beyond to help us. Above all though was God who orchestrated this entire situation. I don’t know why we got a flat tire so close to home, maybe it was just because He wanted us to be reminded of how much He loves and cares for us. I guess I’ll end the story here and just say how thankful I am to be back in Tennessee safe and sound! And praise God for His goodness and protection over us!

Love in Christ,


  1. What a testimony of God's love and provision! Thank you for sharing! I'm so happy y'all returned home safely!
    <3 Layla

  2. Thanks Layla! We had such a good time at the retreat! I only wish you and your family could have been there! <3


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