Saturday, February 9, 2013

Little Rubies

So I've done something else from my list and that is to try a pomegranate. I know you are probably thinking,"What? You've never had one before!" The truth is no I haven't. It is not a fruit that was ever bought in my household. The Campbell's buy them all the time and the other day Becky{Above Rubies volunteer from New Zealand} bought one and gave me some. It was delicious! They are such a gorgeous ruby red color. My friend Annie{Above Rubies volunteer from Michigan} said that they are what she imagines rubies would taste like if you could eat them and I think so too. It is very fitting that I tried a ruby red fruit while working for Above Rubies, don't you think so? :) Have you tried any new food(s) this week?

 Love in Christ,



  1. Sarah, I have never tried pomegranate either. I love the comparison to rubies!

  2. I recommend trying one! They are so juicy and delicious.


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