Monday, February 18, 2013

Here in Tennessee

Since my camera is not working I haven't been able to take and post pictures of my time here in Tennessee.
:( However Annie{the other Above Rubies helper} has a camera. Here are just a few she has taken since she has been here. I hope you enjoy them!

This is little Breezy, she is one of the Campbell's many grandchildren. She and a few of her sisters came over to watch some movies with Annie and I.
One of the movies we watched was The Adventures of Robin Hood{starring Errol Flyn and Olivia de Havilland, 1938.} Love to watch vintage movies!
Annie, Rashida{the Campbell's grand daughter} and I went on a nice walk in the woods. Our destination was to Campbell's daughter, Serene's house. When we got there we had to climb through a fence and up a make shift ramp to their deck. That was quite a fun experience especially since I had a skirt on!
Here I am getting ready to climb up the ramp.
And this is Annie{from Michigan}. She is one of ten children and is such a sweet person.
I hope to post some more photos some time soon!

Ever seen The Adventures of Robin Hood{1938}?
Had a movie night lately?
Please leave your comments below!

Love in Christ,




  1. Sarah, I'm so glad that you get to be there. What a wonderful opportunity!

    1. Thanks so much Janet. It has been such a wonderful experience!


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