Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Return to Cranford

WARNING: If you haven't seen this movie before and do not wish to know what happens do not read this post. :) 

Well I have done something from my list. I finally watched Return to Cranford and I loved it! It was just as funny, romantic, and entertaining as the first one.

Favorite Character: There are so many characters I love in this film it is hard to pick one. I think I will have to say Miss Matty(Judy Dench). She is such a kind hearted and loving person. I love how she wants to bring people together and see them happy.

Least Favorite Character: That would have to be, Edward Bell, Peggy Bell's brother. He is so selfish and domineering to his sister. He is defiantly not a gentleman. He was more concerned about having money than having his honor.

Favorite Scene: When Miss Pole(Imelda Staunton) buys a bird cage from France and she gets a ladies’ hoop skirt instead. She fixes the hoop skirt up with fabric then hangs the whole thing out side with her pet parrot in it. She has such a look of pride on her face when she sees it out. A few of the citizens of Cranford come by her house and know what the "bird cage" is. Her reaction when they tell her what her "bird cage" actually is made me laugh so hard. The whole scene is too funny!

 Least Favorite Scene: When Miss Matty's maid, Martha, and her baby die. That is such a sad scene; I feel so bad for her husband and Miss Matty.

Pros: Over all I think this is a wonderful movie with a very satisfactory ending. This movie is not only filled with romance, but also humour. I believe the actors and actresses did a superb job. As in the case of most period dramas the costumes were wonderfully made and the sets and scenery were stunning. I adore Miss Mattey's cottage it looks so cozy and inviting.

Cons: I don't really like Tim Curry's role as the magician. He stuck out in this period film; he seemed too modern to me.

Have you seen Return to Cranford? If you have seen it what did you think about it? Would you like to see this series? Please leave a comment; I would love to her from you.

Love in Christ,

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