Thursday, January 31, 2013

I ♥ Thursday {no.2}

I missed out on the last I ♥ Thursday post, but here is what I'm loving this week.

I have gotten back into the habit of writing in my journal everyday and I am really enjoying it. It is so nice to go back and read what happened on each day{especially for those times when I ask myself,"What did I do yesterday?"} :)

So I really consider myself a tea drinker, but for the past few mornings I have been enjoying a delicious cup of "Joe". I take mine with cream; I haven't moved up to just black coffee. I enjoy the aroma more than anything.



I watched the Magic of Ordinary Days last Thursday{for the second time} and loved it all over again. I love the 40's outfits and the movie is just sweet and romantic.



Floral prints; on skirts, shirts, and dresses. I really want to buy some pretty spring florals to go in my closet this year.


What have you been loving? Please leave a comment below.

Love in Christ,


















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