Thursday, January 31, 2013

I ♥ Thursday {no.2}

I missed out on the last I ♥ Thursday post, but here is what I'm loving this week.

I have gotten back into the habit of writing in my journal everyday and I am really enjoying it. It is so nice to go back and read what happened on each day{especially for those times when I ask myself,"What did I do yesterday?"} :)

So I really consider myself a tea drinker, but for the past few mornings I have been enjoying a delicious cup of "Joe". I take mine with cream; I haven't moved up to just black coffee. I enjoy the aroma more than anything.



I watched the Magic of Ordinary Days last Thursday{for the second time} and loved it all over again. I love the 40's outfits and the movie is just sweet and romantic.



Floral prints; on skirts, shirts, and dresses. I really want to buy some pretty spring florals to go in my closet this year.


What have you been loving? Please leave a comment below.

Love in Christ,


















Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Return to Cranford

WARNING: If you haven't seen this movie before and do not wish to know what happens do not read this post. :) 

Well I have done something from my list. I finally watched Return to Cranford and I loved it! It was just as funny, romantic, and entertaining as the first one.

Favorite Character: There are so many characters I love in this film it is hard to pick one. I think I will have to say Miss Matty(Judy Dench). She is such a kind hearted and loving person. I love how she wants to bring people together and see them happy.

Least Favorite Character: That would have to be, Edward Bell, Peggy Bell's brother. He is so selfish and domineering to his sister. He is defiantly not a gentleman. He was more concerned about having money than having his honor.

Favorite Scene: When Miss Pole(Imelda Staunton) buys a bird cage from France and she gets a ladies’ hoop skirt instead. She fixes the hoop skirt up with fabric then hangs the whole thing out side with her pet parrot in it. She has such a look of pride on her face when she sees it out. A few of the citizens of Cranford come by her house and know what the "bird cage" is. Her reaction when they tell her what her "bird cage" actually is made me laugh so hard. The whole scene is too funny!

 Least Favorite Scene: When Miss Matty's maid, Martha, and her baby die. That is such a sad scene; I feel so bad for her husband and Miss Matty.

Pros: Over all I think this is a wonderful movie with a very satisfactory ending. This movie is not only filled with romance, but also humour. I believe the actors and actresses did a superb job. As in the case of most period dramas the costumes were wonderfully made and the sets and scenery were stunning. I adore Miss Mattey's cottage it looks so cozy and inviting.

Cons: I don't really like Tim Curry's role as the magician. He stuck out in this period film; he seemed too modern to me.

Have you seen Return to Cranford? If you have seen it what did you think about it? Would you like to see this series? Please leave a comment; I would love to her from you.

Love in Christ,

~Sarah ~







Wednesday, January 23, 2013

103 in 2013

I have seen this done on a few different blogs and thought it would be fun to do. Each time I do something on this list I will mark it out and try to write a post about it. Let's see how many I get done by the end of the year! 
  1. Reach 100 followers on my blog.{So please follow me so I can reach my goal!}
  2. Learn how to crochet and/or knit.
  3. Wear more shoes other than flats{e.g. heels, wedges, sandals}
  4. Sew an item of clothing for myself.
  5. Read the entire Old Testament of the Bible.
  6. Practice more of my cake decorating.
  7. Actually finish reading 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea; I've read it twice and stopped.
  8. Write in my journal more than twice a month.
  9. Exercise at least 2 to 3 times a week.
  10. Read more Grace Livingston Hill novels.
  11. Wear more necklaces and rings; I tend to wear just bracelets.
  12. Find more vintage screw back earrings{because I don't have pierced ears.}
  13. Learn a bit of French.
  14. Read Mansfield Park and Northanger Abbey{so I can say I've read all of Jane Austen's novels.}
  15. Have a Frank Capra movie marathon.
  16. Study more American history and civics{preferably from a Christian view point.}
  17. Learn how to play the piano.
  18. Try new hairstyles I have discovered on Pinterest.
  19. Wear more vintage inspired outfits.
  20. Print out all the photos on my camera so I can actually enjoy them.
  21. Watch Return to Cranford BBC{for the first time.}
  22. Buy my dream pair of leather boots.{A pair that looks good with skirts and is perfect for the snow.}
  23. Memorize more Bible verses.
  24. Gather and rewrite all my poems into one notebook.
  25. Write more letters to friends and family just 'cause.
  26. Wear a hat{preferably vintage.}
  27. Repaint/fix my hope chest{actually it is a hope trunk.}
  28. Get my driver's license; this should be at the top pf the list.
  29. Find and buy another Caro-Nan purse to add to the two I already have.{I've heard three or more of an item makes a collection.}
  30. Keep track of all the books I read this year.
  31. Purchase an entire outfit from Goodwill{blouse,skirt,shoes,& accessories.}
  32. Learn the different constellations and know were they are located.
  33. Get some new house slippers.
  34. Give a gift to someone special just to say "I Love You!"
  35. Dress up and have a tea party with all the little treats.
  36. Add some more books to my vintage book collection.
  37. Buy a vintage{working} camera.
  38. Read Pilgrim's Progress.
  39. Make some crafts using yoyos.
  40. Organize my closet so I can actually find my things.{Not so much the clothes just all the extra stuff that goes in it.}
  41. Keep track of all my cash purchases.
  42. Learn how to write in calligraphy.
  43. Enter my photos into our local fair's photo contest.
  44. Actually sell one of my {handmade} cards.
  45. Go singing in the rain.
  46. Open up my own booth at one of our local flea markets called the Smart Shop.
  47. See a shooting star.
  48. Buy a clear bubble umbrella{new or vintage.}
  49. Write a short story.
  50. Read one of Charles Dickens' book{well actually I've read Nicholas Nickleby but never finished the end.}
  51. Finish Nicholas Nickleby. :)
  52. Learn how to embroider.
  53. Find a way to creatively display my great grandmother's hankies.
  54. Learn how to paint with water colors.
  55. Watch another version of Pride and Prejudice{I've seen the 2005 version.}
  56. Refashion clothes I don't wear{if possible.}
  57. Donate or sell clothes I can't fit into any more.
  58. Enter more online giveaways{and hopefully win one.}
  59. Do more drawing.
  60. Find a way to tame my frizzy hair.
  61. Watch Jane Eyre{Any suggestion to which is the best version?}
  62. Read It's (Not That) Complicated by Ann Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin.
  63. Buy a new bath robe{mine is too short for me.}
  64. Take more walks outside.
  65. Do more counted cross stitches.
  66. Try the different recipes I find in cookbooks and on the web.
  67. Sew some aprons: one for cleaning, cooking, and gardening.
  68. Sell my old toys and items I no longer want.
  69. Watch Voyage of the Dawn Treader{for the first time.}
  70. Drink more water throughout the day.
  71. Try at least five crafts I find on Pinterest.
  72. Gather family photos from aunts,uncles,and grandparents to put them on CDs.
  73. Plant flowers in the garden that are all my own.
  74. Buy more kitchen supplies for my hope chest{trunk}, especially cookware.
  75. Make and/or try french macarons.
  76. Write a post at least once a week.{I would love to do one everyday.}
  77. Improve my cursive handwriting.
  78. Read some good biographies about crusaders for Christ{presidents, first ladies, missionaries, and martyrs; any recommendations?}
  79. Wear a vintage pair of gloves.
  80. Trim my hair{to remove all the split ends.}
  81. Mack an eyeglass case out of a{vintage}necktie, featured here.
  82. Use my vintage dinosaur cookie cutters.
  83. Figure out what is wrong with my camera and fix it{if possible.}
  84. Buy a new camera if my old one can't be fixed.
  85. Try a pomegranate.
  86. Write some posts about a few of my collections.
  87. Gather/write stories and memories from my grandparents and great aunts and uncles about their childhoods.
  88. Do some research into my family genealogy.
  89. Draw a family tree. {Take a look at this one.}
  90. Learn some sign language.
  91. Sew my dream nightgown{a vintage inspired one of course.}
  92. Get more sleep.
  93. Study{not just read} my Bible more.
  94. Light more scented candles.
  95. Travel to at least three places I have never been before.
  96. Read A Common Life by Jan Karon.
  97. Get back into scrap booking.
  98. Do a photo shoot with Rashida of Rashida La'el Photography.
  99. Find some good devotionals{What do you like to read?}
  100. Make a pizza from scratch.
  101. Go on a picnic.
  102. Buy a vintage{or vintage looking}ladies bicycle.
  103. Read a novel by George McDonald.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I ♥ Thursday {no.1}

I have been wanting to do an I ♥ Thursday post for a while. Well here is what I'm loving:

Right now the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack is playing over and over again through my Spotify account.

I mentioned in the previous post that I wanted some alphabet stamps for my crafts and my sister actually got me some for Christmas! She bought them from this neat website here.

I have eaten an orange just about everyday for the past two weeks.

I have been loving the interesting and far off places featured in House Hunters International.

Not actually my rain boots; mine are more hot pink.

With all the rain and slush we have been getting here in Tennessee I am loving my pink rain boots.


 I hope you loved this post. 


Love in Christ,