Sunday, December 16, 2012

Above Rubies

Left to right: Me, Mrs. Nancy Campbell(she is the founder of Above Rubies and editress of the magazine and she is from New Zealand), Mariah(Washington), Olivia(Tasmania,Australia).

I haven't posted in a long while, but have wanted to for some time. There are some new and exciting changes that have happened since my last post! I am currently in Tennessee helping with an amazing ministry, Above Rubies. First and foremost Above Rubies is a magazine that aims to encourage women in their high calling of wife and mother. It also seeks to further the biblical vision of the blessings of children. Above Rubies also sells books, DVDs, and CDs on various topics(motherhood,children,courtship,etc.) It is such a joy and privilege to be helping with a ministry that encourages so many woman and families across the globe. Since Above Rubies is operated right within the Campbell home I live with the Campbell family. When I say the Campbell family I am referring to Mrs. Nancy Campbell, her husband, Colin(who also writes articles in the magazine for men), their son, John, and daughter, Mercy, both adopted from Liberia. The Campbell's have a total of ten children, six biological, and three adopted(all from Liberia), and over 35 grandchildren! A large part of the family live right on the same land, so there are constantly children around! I have enjoyed many new and exciting things. I have met new people, tried delicious and different foods, and have seen more of God's amazing and beautiful creation here in Tennessee. What a blessing this as been to me. Thank you God!

Love in Christ,


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